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There's an adorable slideshow of animals working out at the link. I love the animals doing yoga. Click here to see!!
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She's 7 months old now, and we've had her for nearly a month. Her name is Kimchi! I call her "Kimberly" a lot, though.

She's precious and perfect! She's affectionate, well-behaved, adorable, and small.... and she isn't stinky! :D She only scratched the leather sofa three times. When we clip her nails, she just lies there and doesn't freak out! She loves nuzzles and playing. Her purring is so loud and relaxing! We're in love with her.

She loves yarn, so getting her toys is cheap (we just cut more yarn from the yarn balls, from when I used to knit). She does eat feathers, though; we keep the ostrich feather duster well out of her reach. She loves to sit in the windows and watch the squirrels (p.s. one of the squirrel's names is Hilda; I named him or her and he or he has a little orange gatorade bottle plastic collar around his or her neck, and he or she is very tame and adorable).

Kimchi takes any hairpieces I leave lying around -- be they clips, ties, or whatever -- and carries them to the sofa to chew on them. It's the place she's chosen to chew on stuff. She's like a dog in that respect. Also, when you play with the yarn with her, she will bite it and tug. She doesn't want grimy stealing human hands messing with her yarn. She takes it and chews on it on the floor.

Her eyes are pretty and green! I love her mottled orange and dark brown coloring! And I ADORE her little half orange, half brown cheeks! ♥
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Oh, how this phrase/joke/meme gets on my nerves. I see it everywhere on the internet and the main reason I don't like it is because how unintelligent it is. It hearkens to me like being called "stupid" by a bully who's failing in all his or her own academic endeavors.

1. Which do you think the animal would appreciate more? Someone eating some of its food or someone eating it?

2. Cows, pigs, chicken, fish -- those animals eat grass, hay, slop, seeds, algae, and other fish. Well, that was back in the day. Today with our modern and admittedly unnatural ways of raising animals for food, they probably all eat some type of corn-based animal feed. I don't eat corn-based animal feed, nor do I eat grass, hay, slop, seeds, algae, and other fish.

3. I don't care about what other people eat. Why are there such comments about vegetarians? I'm not pushing my diet on anybody. There are entire cultures and religions in the world are vegetarian and vegan.
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Not that animals without spots are bad.... just that sometimes, animals with spots are really adorable. It's like they got splatter-painted, or perhaps dripped on, or maybe someone gave them little kisses and the spots are the evidence. Or they could have spots of mold. ....Um, love mold. Spots are where love grows. Or maybe spots are where the animal is partially existing in another dimension, and spots are really like black holes or wormholes that can take you to another dimension. :O


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If you like tall pretty boys in heels, feathers, and pleather... *ahem*


Then take a couple minutes to check out Jo Kwon. He's an animal, he himself says so. Those heels he's dancing in are nearly 8 inches tall. The choreography is amazing, it's really intricate and complicated, astounding me every time. How he keeps his balance is beyond me. I also like his voice, and the expressive vibrato he uses at the end of some of his notes.

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I had in interesting jog today. I saw some pretty clouds, the air was cool and not too humid, and I felt great and OMG I ALMOST GOT SPRAYED BY A SKUNK.

She and her three skunk babies were in the ditch right by the road. I luckily noticed their movement before getting too close. I turned tail and ran the opposite way! SHE WAS CHASING ME. Her tail was raised ramrod-straight, and bristled something fierce. I screamed multiple obscenities and put distance between us.

I was terrified, and also stumped. I couldn't very well quit jogging for some skunks. I hadn't even gone a mile yet. So I went around them, far around them in a wheat field that had been harvested already. All that were left were dried, spiny stalks of the wheat, so that totally tore up my ankles.

I resumed jogging and jogged for longer... then came the time to come home. That road with the skunks was the only road home, so I ran on it. The whole time I was shouting and clapping, thinking that if the skunks were still around that I'd scare them away.

It was going well until I saw a flash of black and white close to my side. I cursed and leapt probably three feet in the air, only to realize it was a ratty old piece of tarp. I laughed like you do after you come down from an adrenaline high.

So. That was interesting. Thank goodness I wasn't sprayed. Can you imagine? D: My dog was sprayed indirectly once, and reeked for a month.
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Animals even as "simple" as rats may be able to feel empathy. Loose rats free trapped rats -- choosing to do so even over the offer of food. They don't free a fake rat, and they express no interest in freeing when the box is empty. <3 This suggests that empathy is a primal thing, programmed in our limbic system of basic emotions and instinct. The article is here.
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This site gives you fluffy adorable animals, all you could ever want!

Like this little fellow.

Click for the adorables
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This is a story I found when I cleaned out my computer desk. I wrote this when I was in second grade. I can't believe I used semicolons at age 7 or 8. I was awesome. I'm gonna type it below. It's not long. It's unedited save for me putting paragraph breaks.

I couldn't see over the tall wildflowers and buttercups and I wanted to see what was in the world )
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This guy takes pictures of animals. Really close up face shots. It's so cute! I loved the buffalo one. He or she is like "Hey. You looking at me?"
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This is amazing; I was seriously ranting and raving as I was going through this guy's gallery. This is EVERYTHING I love: animals, hands, colors, and creativity. The body art and advertisements are great too. This stuff is like eye candy to me.

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This lady knitted tiny little cute things like that for two years, one a week. You can see it all at her blog.
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More paper art. It's astounding!

Gallery with so much more
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HERE more snakes crawl for your visual candy enjoyment.

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Deserves its own post. I want one! They have pockets on the end where you put your hands. they're paws! X3

Another shot

The hat's website

An animated gif of him wearing it