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Mexican hot chocolate is chocolate-y and sweet. There's a spice to it, like chai and cinnamon.

The one I have most access to is Abuelita, meaning little grandmother. :)

When I make the hot chocolate from the wedges, it leaves some granules in the bottom of the mug. I have very early memories of finishing off a mug of hot chocolate and seeing the granules there and trying them (but for some reason they're not too palatable so I always dump them down the drain).

There's also Ibarra brand. I've tried it and it's around the same as Abuelita.

One time when I worked at an ice cream place, I brought abuelita to work and blended it in a milkshake with a bit of ice and coffee. It was absolutely divine -- the most delicious iced coffee chocolate spice beverage amazingness I have ever tasted. <3

If you get a chance, try some mexican hot chocolate! It's delicioso! :9
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There's this kind of candy in the U.S. by Nestle's Willy Wonka Candy Company. On the wrappers of the taffy are printed little jokes which are submitted by children. Most of them are not that funny (i.e. Why did the man take a hammer to bed? He wanted to hit the sack)

Some of them are really funny though! I haven't read any of these funny ones but here are some of the best! My favorite is:

Q: Where does the general put his armies?
A: In his sleevies!

There's a list of 12 here! They're clever. :)
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All of the gummibears are made of acrylic. It looks so cool! More pictures are here.

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Pic dump! Only 5 pics but still. This is a stimulus item in the Boston Assessment of Severe Aphasia. It's a test from the 80s. When I administered it, I stopped short at this picture and stared at it myself before showing the client. It looks like Gustav to me! Photobucket

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