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Sadly, I must say this is probably the last entry of these... I don't work at the primary school anymore, where I was exposed to the silly things that 5-8 year old say on a daily basis. Do enjoy the silly things the kids said during my last couple of months at the school. :)


Me: *during imaginative play with blocks* Why is their crabby patty bigger than their house?
Child 1: Because they put ketchup on it


Child 2: "Hair" starts with "s," right?

Me: What's something beautiful?
Child 2: You.

Child 3: Do you have parents?
Me: Yes. Do you?
Child 3: Sure.

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Child 1: I'm fat. Oink oink.

(I say child is silly.) I'm not silly, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is maybe sick) I'm not sick, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is late) I'm not late, I'm (Says her name. You get the idea…)

Child 2: Turkeys can mess me up really bad. I have to stay away. They say gobble gobble and make me wanna dance too much.

(After winning a game of go fish) I'm a little bit better than you.

(Child is walking with his eyes closed and seems to be praying. I ask what he's praying about.) Dale Earnhart. He did in 2001. (He's a Nascar race car driver if you didn't know)

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Over the course of my day, I tend to get a lot of hilarious kid quotes. Never mind the speech sound errors -- which sometimes makes things hilarious enough as it is -- but they say the most nonsensical and weird things ever. Kids say weird things. And I didn't even write them all down.

Child 1:

I can use the gila monster's butt.

Child 1: It's growing…
Me: What?
Child 1:……Me.

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....not even to get candy. Really though, how could you ask a kid to hit a Spiderman piñata? Kids adore him.

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This week was my last week having the full caseload of 43 kids at the preschool. Next week I will step back, let my supervisor enact therapy again, and take some time to observe other educational professionals. On May 4th is graduation! *huge huge huge grin*

In the meantime, I'm scheduling job interviews and applying at lots of places. I hope to get into somewhere local. I'm so sick of commuting. I might have to move upstate to the biggest metropolitan area. I'm not sure I'm ready to move either, but I will if I have to.

My last week was pretty awesome. My kids did well and a couple of them are coming leaps and bounds. It's so cool to see. And it's also pretty amusing how 4-5 year olds tend to have extremes in their moods and behaviors. One moment I'm hugged, and the other moment a kid is crying.

Child 1, fake name used: My mom said I'm Johnny today. But I'm not Johnny. Today, I's skeleton Johnny. See? *gestures wildly, jumping and screaming*

Child 2: I scarecrow. (He was a scarecrow for five minutes. I couldn't get him to put his arms down)

Child 3, tearfully pouting and lisping all his /s/ sounds: I never win. I hate thpeech. I don't even like coming here anyway. I never get to go firtht.

Child 4, who lisps too: Theriouthly?!!?? (Seriously?)

Child 5: *feigning sleep*
Child 6: What's he doing?
Me: Looks like he's pretending to be asleep.
Child 6: Oh my god I thought he was a zombie or something.

Me: And what do you buy at the grocery store? Milk?
Child 7: Milk and cereal and juice and laundry soap. Laundry soap. LAUNDRY SOAP.
Me: What do you use laundry soap for?
Child 7: Washing.
Me: Washing what?
Child 7: Babies.

Child 8: I wish I could fly like a bird. I'm gonna ask Santa to give me flying powers.

Child 8, talking about a picture of a melted snowman: He drank hot coffee and he melted.

Child 8: I love you, Miss (Melluransa). And I love you too, Miss (Supervisor). I love coming to speech.

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Me: I like spring because it has flowers like daffodils, dandelions, daisies, tulips, lilies, gardenias...
Child 1: I like Captain America too!

Child 1 continued: You kill a zombie with a cherry

Child 2: I got one! I got one! And it even makes sense! ....The spaghetti eats the spider!

Child 3: We can't take his brain! He needs a brain or else he won't have ideas!

Child 4: I'm going to read my poem now. Ahem. "Child 4" is a dork.
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Child 1: Poor titty

Child 2: Hey, did you hear about rainbow puffo?
Me: No, I didn't.
Child 2: I meant to say rainbow puffo. Rainbow puffo. *mumbled thoughtfully to himself* Rainbow puffo. ....Rainbow...puffo.

Me: *coloring flower* It's dark purple.
Child 3: *playing with farm set, half-listening* Thanks.

Child 4: The doggie didn't need a wheelchair

Child 5: I have chocolate bones. *bites arm*

Child 6: I like Hello Titty. I have Hello Titty stickers, and Hello Titty shoes, and Hello Titty pillows... (etc)

Child 7: The marker's saying "Money Money Money!"

Child 8, sadly: I'm going to f*** you in the face

Child 9, about other child: It's ok, he just talks like that.

Child 10: These cookies make me hyper but I'm still gonna eat it anyway

Child 11: *dances and sings Gangnam Style, "Sexy Lady" and all. He's 5. O_O*
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The title doesn't make sense until you watch this adorable and heartwarming video. :)

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I wasn't aware of this, but that's cool! A lot of them are a clash of cultures -- the North and Harriet Beecher Stowe produced Uncle Tom's Cabin, so the South produced Little Eve: The Flower of the South. Dr. Suess (his books are AMAZING for kids btw if you didn't already know) wrote Lorax defending the forests, and the logging industry wrote Truax in defense. And as much as I appreciated the themes and story behind The Chronicles of Narnia, I want to read the books written in response to them because I want to know both sides, you know? And then of course, is Go the F*** to Sleep, written in parody of the lovely sleepytime book It's Time to Sleep, My Love. XD

Really interesting stuff! There's more, too. Go see!
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I watched this and saw a little 5-year old girl making faces and watching herself in some monitor. This is what we all do when we try the mac photobooth application for the first time. Screw the issues and psychology, this is normal 5-year old being cute and silly - at least in this particular clip. She doesn't answer the questions because what 5-year old answers questions like that? And she doesn't pay attention because what 5-year old pays attention? She's so cute! She still would be, even without the makeup.

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What happens when you tell your kid you ate all their candy? Various things... various hilarious things....

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This is a story I found when I cleaned out my computer desk. I wrote this when I was in second grade. I can't believe I used semicolons at age 7 or 8. I was awesome. I'm gonna type it below. It's not long. It's unedited save for me putting paragraph breaks.

I couldn't see over the tall wildflowers and buttercups and I wanted to see what was in the world )
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I heard Old Spice parodied this.

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Yesterday, I saw this adorable little boy/pre-teenie weenie who reminded me of Bill on Starsearch. Maybe I'm romanticizing this kid a bit much, but here goes.

This boy was short, thin, and gangly. He was very small, like Bill was. He wore a cool tank top that was fashionably daring and different (compared to other kids' clothes I've seen). His hair was awesome. It was slicked to stand straight up like this:

He was cool and confident. He was so interesting to watch as he chatted with a friend he was with. I imagined his eyes sparkling with dreams soon to be achieved.
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It's odd but fascinating. Their chubby baby faces, their cute childhood pics, morphing into the sharp and angular features the twins have now. I would have been just as happy if it were a simple slideshow instead of the morphing thing, but whatever.

Hier klicken at THAmerica site.
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This is an interesting article on the cultural differences of Western vs. Eastern styles of child-rearing. So radically different!

West: Ability is inherent
East: Ability is learned

These are the themes that drive the two cultures, and from that stems the following statements

West: If it's too hard, give up
East: It's not too hard, we're just doing something wrong

West: Group and personal achievement
East: Personal achievement above all

West: If learning something isn't fun, give up
East: Fun comes after you've learned it

West: We failed. It must be the kids' fault
East: We failed. It must be the parents' fault

West: Don't feel bad about yourself if you fall short
East: Feel bad about yourself if you fall short

It's so foreign to me! But that's how culture works.


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