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A good cup of coffee is the best, especially when you have a minute to sip it and enjoy its flavor.

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IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The highlights were Cafe and Tonight!

I remember when you walked through that door, sat down in that chair... the times we shared... but you ain't here. Coffee, expresso, double shot... This was THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER They are in top vocal and performance form it's so perfect that it drives me to use multiple repeating letters to describe how perrrrrfffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect it isssssss!!!!!!!!

Lovely, fan interactive performance by Taeyang. Only Look At Me, Naman Barabwa.

Tonight, such a beautiful night.... Goodnight. This was the glitchy official footage.

Fancam of Tonight, GD-centric; not that anybody's complaining. Look at his energy! His movements are hypnotic.

Daesung wails a powerful ballad called At the Moment. His voice is so full and mature, it's so smooth and utterly amazing.

An interesting and energetic acoustic performance of Lies. I'm so sorry but I love you~

. . . . AAAHHH I LOVE BIG BANG SOOOOO MUCH I'M GONNA EXPLODE WITH LOVE! THE ONLY SONGS MISSING WERE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF LOVE SONG AND STUPID LIAR BUT OH WELL. Really, if those two songs were included, this would be the most perfect Big Bang concert that ever was. Haru Haru too.
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Something about it is really heartwarming, elegant, and entrancing. Maybe it's because something so simple and common as coffee is made beautiful.

Some here too.

More vids here and here (mute it).
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This is a funny site. I think it's called oatmeal, though I'm not sure cuz after a few pages of it my brain goes all fuzzy.
15 things worth knowing about coffee
7 reasons to keep your t-rex off crack cocaine
How to ride a pony
8 ways to prepare your pets for war


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