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This performance is amazing! The song is from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIV.

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I always noticed this in Screamin' on Humanoid City Live cd/dvd... Right at the transition from "but it hurts so/yeah it hurts so" to "top of the world/top of the world," there's a lag. Today on my drive home from work I replayed the part several times, listening and discerning for who is responsible for the lag. Just one member? Or the whole band?

Gustav's rhythm does not change in the least, so it's not him. (p.s. Gustav's part the entire song is really amazing, btw) And Georg's bass is solid like normal. Then who?

The twins!

So, the last line of the section Bill sings is "yeah, it hurts so." He sang that part a little delayed. Sometimes he does that to make it emotional sounding. But he may only do that on a word or syllable or two... In contrast, Bill's entire line here is delayed, every word.

Then Gustav's lovely tom-tom boom bada boom part. The moment in the next section where the "top of the world's" begin, Tom comes in a fraction too late! The rest of his notes are perfectly in time though.

So my conclusion is that Bill was late for whatever reason, and Tom was paying attention to Bill and not to the more reliable (sorry, Bill) Gustav and Georg... and so Tom was late too. Both twins being late contributes to the sensation of a short lag. I think their little twin delay is cute!

It happens from 2:42 to 2:48. When you watch the video, it's less noticeable -- but if you close your eyes and just listen, the lag is easily perceptible.

I love how well TH does live! They really do well live, don't get me wrong. Playing live is hard -- trust me, I know. Out of all the HCL cd/dvd, this lag in Screamin' is one of the more obvious mistakes (not counting all of Bill's flat notes). The other one is the last word in "Noise," which is sang too early (again, Bill) but at least it's in tune! :D It sucks when the last note in a song is out of tune. So there's always a silver lining! Bill, it's ok -- have a cookie. I'm not mad at you.
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When did Seungri get to be lookin so fine? (recently)
Why is Taeyang so awesome? (idek)
How long can Daesung hold high notes? (pretty long)
What's GD's "Mr. Angry Pants tough guy" voice? (idk now to describe it, but it sounds funny)
Can TOP ever resist going "eh eh" in a song? Seriously? (no)

Bad Boy
Fantastic Baby

I really hope they tour the U.S. Their energy is insane.
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Bill is so beautiful. When the picture got clear of Bill on that motorbike, I screamed, "That's so BEAUTIFUL!" and my brother came to see what was wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me, only that Bill is so beautiful and inspires energetic reactions in me. ...And I noticed how many weird lip things Bill does. He rolls his lips inside his mouth so much.

Another vid (Shadow) with Bill's face, zoomed in and HD )
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It was amazing. Since I didn't go and since I'd have to get the dvd imported at who knows how much, watching the entire concert on youtube will do.

All of their songs were amazing, but Love Song was especially flawless. I covet GD's legs. But man, do I hate their outfits.

Full concert below cut )
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The energy and emotion was great. They worked the crowd so well and gave an amazing performance. Seungri was utterly radiant, and Taeyang was so guhhhh.... just perfect in every way. The way he groaned that low note in Haru Haru, and then gave a little gasp at the end of it... killed me ded. Even TOP was less annoying than normal. GD was literally spinning like a top across the stage, and Daesung was really getting into it! Just amazing, amazing. These guys are my favorites for a reason. No one else performs with this freedom nd abandon, it's so amazing. The crowd loved them so much, as do I.

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This post will contain much fangirling and screaming. I was typing this as the event was streaming! <3 Yay! My girls won best band in the world!!!!!! :D

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IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The highlights were Cafe and Tonight!

I remember when you walked through that door, sat down in that chair... the times we shared... but you ain't here. Coffee, expresso, double shot... This was THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER They are in top vocal and performance form it's so perfect that it drives me to use multiple repeating letters to describe how perrrrrfffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect it isssssss!!!!!!!!

Lovely, fan interactive performance by Taeyang. Only Look At Me, Naman Barabwa.

Tonight, such a beautiful night.... Goodnight. This was the glitchy official footage.

Fancam of Tonight, GD-centric; not that anybody's complaining. Look at his energy! His movements are hypnotic.

Daesung wails a powerful ballad called At the Moment. His voice is so full and mature, it's so smooth and utterly amazing.

An interesting and energetic acoustic performance of Lies. I'm so sorry but I love you~

. . . . AAAHHH I LOVE BIG BANG SOOOOO MUCH I'M GONNA EXPLODE WITH LOVE! THE ONLY SONGS MISSING WERE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF LOVE SONG AND STUPID LIAR BUT OH WELL. Really, if those two songs were included, this would be the most perfect Big Bang concert that ever was. Haru Haru too.
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Perfect performances. I have so much love for them right now.

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On more than one occasion I have looked for this performance, and finally found it.
Bill is ethereal in 1000 Meere. And that kid is so lucky to sing with Bill. At the end, Bill's singing right at that kid. Head on. It's intense enough when Bill sings right at the camera, eye fucking it, but I wonder what it's like to have him sing at you in person. I think I'd be knocked back by rockstar waves of awesome and pretty. Dang.

1000 Meere


LOL after Monsoon they confused Georg and Gustav. I don't even speak french and I could tell.
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I love Gustav for being a teddy bear.
I love Georg for having nice hair.
I love Tom for that tablecloth he's wearing around his neck.
And lastly and mostly of all I love Bill for dressing like a glam rockstar punk again! ♥ He's gorgeous, utterly drop-dead gorgeous here.

Part one (chaotic interview and Bill's tongue!)

Part two (dsots performance and cookies for everyone!)

I may have gone a little overboard with the tags. Honestly with all that's happened in the last two days (interview, husky hat, THTV episode, this interview and performance. . . ) it's just been crazy. I don't think my heart can take this high of a TH awesomeness dosage.
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More like he flung it. LOL

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