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There's this awesome website called EveryBody: An Artefact History of Disability in America put together by the Smithsonian Institute. It's so interesting! With pictures, short paragraphs, and easy navigation, it talks about so many aspects of disability and America's history of people who have different disabilities and handicaps. There's so many points within this website that could be raised for discussion and self-reflection. So fascinating!
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The most powerful speaker about something like this is one who suffers from it. I think also about Michael J. Fox, who is a powerful advocate for curing and managing Parkinson's Disease.

This kid is awesome! I love seeing success stories about stuff like this where a team approach helps a person who learns differently (because everyone learns differently) to help him achieve success. And, music helped him too! AND if those things weren't awesome enough, he's taking a step beyond and going out, speaking and raising awareness about FASD!!! AWESOME.

Additionally, I love that he mentions that it's more than drinking during pregnancy. It's so easy to make the mother out as a bad guy (well, girl) but it's often more than that. His mom suffered from domestic violence with an alcoholic husband, whose behavior was in part a result of generations of a culture which has no prevention against such things, which is due to other cultures interacting with it and a history between everything, and it's all a result of everything together. If that makes sense. And how complicated this all is makes blame lie a little less neatly.


/intense enthusiasm
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This was a cool thing to read when I try to imagine what it's like for the Kaulitz twins living in the United States. This covers a lot, from the media, politics, religion, society, culture, money, attitudes, technology, age, sex and gender roles, jobs, socioeconomic status, and all the things we live every single day but aren't aware of.

I was impressed by how much training it takes in Germany to become a schoolteacher. I was surprised to hear of the racism there, though; I thought the United States was bad. There is more jelly in American jelly donuts, but here, waiters and waitresses are annoying. There is more environmentalism in Germany, but no "give a penny, take a penny" cups at the store.

It's really interesting! Click here to read.
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Something that's rocking the kpop world right now are stalkers who obsessively follow the superstars of the group JYJ. First, there was a recording of JYJ cussing out the stalkers and even hitting them. JYJ was blacklisted for this, pretty much. "How could they do such a thing?!"

But then more was released, like a photo of a JYJ member in a restaurant, and the windows behind full of girls plastered to the windows. A story about how these girls hire taxis to intentionally crash into JYJ's vehicles. A video of one girl caressing a JYJ member's cheek, then slapping it with all her might. The shock on his face. JYJ saying they've been stalked for years.

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I wasn't aware of this, but that's cool! A lot of them are a clash of cultures -- the North and Harriet Beecher Stowe produced Uncle Tom's Cabin, so the South produced Little Eve: The Flower of the South. Dr. Suess (his books are AMAZING for kids btw if you didn't already know) wrote Lorax defending the forests, and the logging industry wrote Truax in defense. And as much as I appreciated the themes and story behind The Chronicles of Narnia, I want to read the books written in response to them because I want to know both sides, you know? And then of course, is Go the F*** to Sleep, written in parody of the lovely sleepytime book It's Time to Sleep, My Love. XD

Really interesting stuff! There's more, too. Go see!
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This list is fun! I wonder if any of these apply to the twins. Some ways include taking all the lounge chairs by the pool and saying you don't like asparagus. I wonder if this list is accurate! 19leela89, let me know!

Here is the list.
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This post will contain much fangirling and screaming. I was typing this as the event was streaming! <3 Yay! My girls won best band in the world!!!!!! :D

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South Korea is ruled by beauty. Beauty, the idea that beauty brings love and happiness. But these two videos make a profound statement that beauty is blind, beauty is ugly.

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This music video is stunning, with amazing images and imagery that create a commentary about several themes. It's amazing! Not to mention those out-of-this-world vocals.

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Breakfast in Japan. Tofu in soy sauce. This post is so cool! I want to move to Hawaii.

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This group of girls are all deaf, and they advocate the rights of people with disabilities. They've named themselves Guan Yin, meaning goddess of mercy. It literally means, "godess who hears those who are crying." That's so beautiful, considering that they're all deaf for one, and that they are activists for people with disabilities.

The performance at the end is like nothing I've ever seen before. I feel honored to watch it.

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This is so neat. In general (lol, right hemi here) the left hemisphere concentrates on important details, while the right hemisphere looks at a holistic big picture as to what all those details mean together. That's great; fascinating, actually. But it had an effect on culture? Say waaat?

OMG I never thought of it like that, but it makes so much sense! The frontal lobe INHIBITS! That explains so much!

The end got a little too psychological and cultural for me. Perhaps I'm too left-hemisphere orientated? Quite interesting! We are a left-hemisphere orientated culture, and that ending line was so powerful!

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Wearing something glamorous makes you feel glamorous. Wearing something current and trendy makes you feel like you're a member of a secret club. This article identifies some of these things, which I have felt too. It labels the psychology of fashion so explicitly, and even brings in the gender gap into it. Why are men so into sports? I have no idea. Why are women so into fashion and looking good? That I can understand, but a lot of men cannot. That's so interesting!

In the end, it's all about how expressing yourself makes you feel. You can wear whatever, it's how it makes you feel. If you can rock a potato sack like Lucy Ricardo, you wear it proudly. ...That brings up another interesting thing - the tv show mocked Lucy for that, for her expressing herself. The tv show and media at that time (and still today, just less) were run by men. Sports were never ridiculed like Lucy's fashion was. ...Interesting. Again, proof of the gender gap between women's and men's interests.

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What does Princess Leia look like as a My Little Pony? How about the Joker? Edward Scissorhands? Really neat little ponies transformed into iconic characters here. I like the Lady Gaga ones, the Gene Simmons one, and the Alice in Wonderland ones! She should make Tokio Hotel ones.
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This is really inspiring! An LGBT and civil rights triumph! I'm getting a little teary-eyed. They all look so happy!

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This was a really interesting article on perceptions and aspirations about body image for women and men. Pop culture and fashion change so often that's it's hard to keep up. It's even harder when ideas about body image change, because you are born with your body and genes. You can't change your body to fit transitory cultural or fashion seasons. The moral is to have realistic expectations and be comfortable in your own skin.
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Just goes to show that language and culture are inextricable. It's cool to read this too, cuz the article is in English and Spanish. I copied and pasted and lj-cutted it because I'm afraid it will become a "404 page not found" page in a few years.

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