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This made me cry! And looking at the youtube suggestions for similar videos, this situation makes a lot of other people cry too!

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This week was my last week having the full caseload of 43 kids at the preschool. Next week I will step back, let my supervisor enact therapy again, and take some time to observe other educational professionals. On May 4th is graduation! *huge huge huge grin*

In the meantime, I'm scheduling job interviews and applying at lots of places. I hope to get into somewhere local. I'm so sick of commuting. I might have to move upstate to the biggest metropolitan area. I'm not sure I'm ready to move either, but I will if I have to.

My last week was pretty awesome. My kids did well and a couple of them are coming leaps and bounds. It's so cool to see. And it's also pretty amusing how 4-5 year olds tend to have extremes in their moods and behaviors. One moment I'm hugged, and the other moment a kid is crying.

Child 1, fake name used: My mom said I'm Johnny today. But I'm not Johnny. Today, I's skeleton Johnny. See? *gestures wildly, jumping and screaming*

Child 2: I scarecrow. (He was a scarecrow for five minutes. I couldn't get him to put his arms down)

Child 3, tearfully pouting and lisping all his /s/ sounds: I never win. I hate thpeech. I don't even like coming here anyway. I never get to go firtht.

Child 4, who lisps too: Theriouthly?!!?? (Seriously?)

Child 5: *feigning sleep*
Child 6: What's he doing?
Me: Looks like he's pretending to be asleep.
Child 6: Oh my god I thought he was a zombie or something.

Me: And what do you buy at the grocery store? Milk?
Child 7: Milk and cereal and juice and laundry soap. Laundry soap. LAUNDRY SOAP.
Me: What do you use laundry soap for?
Child 7: Washing.
Me: Washing what?
Child 7: Babies.

Child 8: I wish I could fly like a bird. I'm gonna ask Santa to give me flying powers.

Child 8, talking about a picture of a melted snowman: He drank hot coffee and he melted.

Child 8: I love you, Miss (Melluransa). And I love you too, Miss (Supervisor). I love coming to speech.

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The title doesn't make sense until you watch this adorable and heartwarming video. :)

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I watched this and saw a little 5-year old girl making faces and watching herself in some monitor. This is what we all do when we try the mac photobooth application for the first time. Screw the issues and psychology, this is normal 5-year old being cute and silly - at least in this particular clip. She doesn't answer the questions because what 5-year old answers questions like that? And she doesn't pay attention because what 5-year old pays attention? She's so cute! She still would be, even without the makeup.

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This had me almost bawling like a baby in class today. On the days my teacher doesn't teach, she works as a speech therapist at a children's hospital in St. Louis. Today in class we were talking about muscle spasticity like children with cerebral palsy have, and she remembered this event and video that happened at the children's hospital. She showed us the girl's muscle movements as an example, but we all ended up oohing and aahing over the event itself.

Apparently, this girl loves when her physical therapist puts the radio on and does silly dances. The girl has normal mental capacities, remember, but her muscles are spastic. Whenever she moves a body part intentionally, spasms knock her whole body out of control. ANYWAY she likes dancing and so the PT organized a flash mob to happen. AWWWW LOOK AT HER FACE! She's smiling so hard it's throwing her face into a spastic grimace sometimes. And she claps and AWW. My heart~

I want to work there. I've been there, it's super nice and totally not like a hospital at all. There are no white walls or right angles anywhere, everything is colorful. There's a basketball hoop in the lobby, for goodness sakes. FUN CENTRAL. Perfect place for kids who need a little cheering up.

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More here.
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This site gives you fluffy adorable animals, all you could ever want!

Like this little fellow.

Click for the adorables
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What happens when you tell your kid you ate all their candy? Various things... various hilarious things....

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I've seen Arthur und die Minimoys 1, but not 2. D:

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This guy takes pictures of animals. Really close up face shots. It's so cute! I loved the buffalo one. He or she is like "Hey. You looking at me?"
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This lady knitted tiny little cute things like that for two years, one a week. You can see it all at her blog.
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Just in time for their June 23 performance with Lady Gaga and TOKIO HOTEL!!! *spazzes* It's crazy how many lines and screen time they gave to Taemin! Wow! For once, Jonghyun takes a back seat. It's a dramatic change from the first Korean version. I must say I like the Korean song better, but I like the feel and style of the new Japanese music video better.

I KNOW WHY TAEMIN IS FEATURED SO MUCH!!!! OMGZ It's cuz the Japanese love cute things, and Taemin is the cutest member. You know, kawaii-desu and stuff. Taemin is SHINee's ticket to success in Japan.

I like the Korean MV version of Key better. He's so cute! Well, he's cute in both but I'm less fond of blond Key. But him in those huge glasses and being a fashion designer is soooo adorable! I love Key. X3

I like the new version of everyone else though, especially Onew and Taemin! They're less weird and awkward looking! Jonghyun and Minho look the same. Minho is less creepy in the Japanese MV.

Newer Japanese version song and MV

Older Korean version song and MV
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This is what Bill sounds like when he says, "Yoo-hoo."