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If you like tall pretty boys in heels, feathers, and pleather... *ahem*


Then take a couple minutes to check out Jo Kwon. He's an animal, he himself says so. Those heels he's dancing in are nearly 8 inches tall. The choreography is amazing, it's really intricate and complicated, astounding me every time. How he keeps his balance is beyond me. I also like his voice, and the expressive vibrato he uses at the end of some of his notes.

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I thought I knew what flailing limbs looked like thanks to one Bill Kaulitz. That was before I saw Jo Kwon performing 2NE1's "I am the best."

1. Jo Kwon is the missing member of every girl group.
2. I get to use my Jo Kwon lj tag again.
3. I would DIE if Bill danced like this.

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One commenter suggested that the girls look like they're gliding on wheels hidden beneath their dresses. I thought of the mirror-topped music box I have. The figurines dance over the mirror, pulled by magnets underneath. This is so neat!

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If you squint, Joon could pass as Tom with short braids. If only Joon's face was a little thinner, then it would look totes like Tom upon a squint. Or if you don't wanna squint, and just enjoy Lee Joon in all his beauty, that works too. Joon! OMG JOON BRB FANGIRLING


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I like it when she does.

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It was amazing. I adore them.

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This group of girls are all deaf, and they advocate the rights of people with disabilities. They've named themselves Guan Yin, meaning goddess of mercy. It literally means, "godess who hears those who are crying." That's so beautiful, considering that they're all deaf for one, and that they are activists for people with disabilities.

The performance at the end is like nothing I've ever seen before. I feel honored to watch it.

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I'm so proud of him right now! AHHH AJH HAH AHF ISHFKSDFDJGDFGH I wrote my story (Dexoxadrol) about Tom dancing like this, in a style like this. X) AWW YEAH OMG GLEEEEE

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S'okay, Jonghyun. I can't resist either.

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Wig, high heels, booty shorts, captain's hat.

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First there's this

And from that, this.



Is there a tag for "soft porn" "slightly inappropriate?"
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aw yea
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. . . . .
This is something that can't really be described.
It's hilarious.
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