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I love the internet!

What would it be like if your boss was a cat? The Adventures of Business Cat

Dog gets cracker stuck on nose, gets confused.

32 service workers who hilariously are not even pretending to try and care anymore. XD

Watch in amazement as somehow, a group of researchers is able to capture and extract sound from a video with the sound turned off, by minutely analyzing tiny waves and oscilations in the video pixels. It's crazy.

And last, brushing up on yoga-related vocabulary in Spanish. Vamos a sentarnos... con los ojos cerrados, respiren profundamente y lentamente, enfocando, visualizando las olas del mar.
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There's an adorable slideshow of animals working out at the link. I love the animals doing yoga. Click here to see!!
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I've been running as exercise and recreation for 5 years, I think. I seem to run in cycles-- like running a lot, to getting busy and not running. But yes, 5 years! I also cycle through my running-related interests and goals. Sometimes I get into off-road running, or running on the treadmill, or trying to run long distances, or trying to increase my speed. Currently, I'm trying to run faster uphill at slight inclines. I was going to try training for a half marathon this summer, but I realized I don't have time to train like I'd need to because of how busy I've been lately.

There are a lot of reasons I like running.

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I had in interesting jog today. I saw some pretty clouds, the air was cool and not too humid, and I felt great and OMG I ALMOST GOT SPRAYED BY A SKUNK.

She and her three skunk babies were in the ditch right by the road. I luckily noticed their movement before getting too close. I turned tail and ran the opposite way! SHE WAS CHASING ME. Her tail was raised ramrod-straight, and bristled something fierce. I screamed multiple obscenities and put distance between us.

I was terrified, and also stumped. I couldn't very well quit jogging for some skunks. I hadn't even gone a mile yet. So I went around them, far around them in a wheat field that had been harvested already. All that were left were dried, spiny stalks of the wheat, so that totally tore up my ankles.

I resumed jogging and jogged for longer... then came the time to come home. That road with the skunks was the only road home, so I ran on it. The whole time I was shouting and clapping, thinking that if the skunks were still around that I'd scare them away.

It was going well until I saw a flash of black and white close to my side. I cursed and leapt probably three feet in the air, only to realize it was a ratty old piece of tarp. I laughed like you do after you come down from an adrenaline high.

So. That was interesting. Thank goodness I wasn't sprayed. Can you imagine? D: My dog was sprayed indirectly once, and reeked for a month.
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25 ways to cut some calories every day. I already did most of these. -_- The ones below are ones I can work on! Reading stuff like this, it blows my mind every time about how psychological and behavioral eating is. It's a habit, a brain thing, a chemical thing. Change only a few habits and you can become healthier. It's not hard, either!

-Fidget, twitch, move around
-Don't eat and watch tv simultaneously
-If you must snack, portion out one serving and put the rest away
-Avoid eating dinner with the pots on the table with you. Keep them on the counter, serve yourself there, then go sit down
-Be wary of restaurant menus and "healthy" dishes there
-Ask that dishes be prepared with less oil
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Thank you, Tom Kaulitz. XD

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My knees are gonna be shit when I'm older, so this helps.
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