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This is a kpop post, fyi. If you couldn't tell.

I haven't been on the internet for fun and leisure for most of the week (actually the past couple weeks), so coming home from work and finding out a bunch of exciting kpop things was awesome. A lot of my favorite artists are doing new things and it makes me excited~

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Because look at it. His whole neck chin deal is just lovely.

GD's chin

As seen in his new music video called "One of a Kind." It's the most awesome and badass and riduculous and facepalm-worthy thing I've seen in a while. I'm so reviled by how his hair looks like pasta someone spraypainted yellow and glued to his scalp... but at the same time the rest of him is so amazing. I can't believe they constructed a skateboard ramp in the shape of the letter G.

That's where I recognized his hair from in the video! Betti Spaghetti dolls and their plastic hair.
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GD aka G-Dragon (birth name Kwon Ji Young) is 24 today! Happy birthday, GD!



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When did Seungri get to be lookin so fine? (recently)
Why is Taeyang so awesome? (idek)
How long can Daesung hold high notes? (pretty long)
What's GD's "Mr. Angry Pants tough guy" voice? (idk now to describe it, but it sounds funny)
Can TOP ever resist going "eh eh" in a song? Seriously? (no)

Bad Boy
Fantastic Baby

I really hope they tour the U.S. Their energy is insane.
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This song rules my life right now.

In the original, Taeyang's part starting at 2:30 kills me for some reason. I think it's the emotion he sings with, or maybe it's just his voice timbre.

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It was amazing. Since I didn't go and since I'd have to get the dvd imported at who knows how much, watching the entire concert on youtube will do.

All of their songs were amazing, but Love Song was especially flawless. I covet GD's legs. But man, do I hate their outfits.

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The energy and emotion was great. They worked the crowd so well and gave an amazing performance. Seungri was utterly radiant, and Taeyang was so guhhhh.... just perfect in every way. The way he groaned that low note in Haru Haru, and then gave a little gasp at the end of it... killed me ded. Even TOP was less annoying than normal. GD was literally spinning like a top across the stage, and Daesung was really getting into it! Just amazing, amazing. These guys are my favorites for a reason. No one else performs with this freedom nd abandon, it's so amazing. The crowd loved them so much, as do I.

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They always give humble and intelligent answers to questions, and like it a lot! I love that they won, even though they're going through a lot of hard times as a group. Also, Taeyang is kind of annoying dare I say. He just needs to sing and otherwise not scream into the mic, ok?

Lol at TOP's lack of dancing skills. And their "next album???" SQUEEEEEEEEE

MTV EMA BIG BANG Special by bigbangstuff
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Dearest Kwon Ji Yong,

Not long ago, you were just a boy. Now, you're one of the leaders. You are a korean dream, a heartbreaker, the gossip man they can't stop talking about. You've come so far. You live and breathe music, and I respect you so much for that.

So there's this girl. Let me tell ya; she's gone and become a huge fan of you. She wishes she could be a little butterfly and meet you one day, fluttering over to land on your shoulder and say hello.

Hey. That girl's me. It would be an honor, insect or human, to meet you.

If you came to my country by train, I'd wait for a year in the station, just waiting to catch a glimpse of you. Maybe you'd smile and wave at me. I'd probably be taller than you, but you wouldn't mind, right? Hugs work between people of different heights and stuff.

And now it's your birthday. You're 23 now. Two consecutive digits, there. Next one will be 34, then 45... By the way, "G" is my favorite letter of the alphabet now, thanks to you.



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This is just too bizarre to not chronicle. Vid under cut. They actually made him sing with it in!


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IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The highlights were Cafe and Tonight!

I remember when you walked through that door, sat down in that chair... the times we shared... but you ain't here. Coffee, expresso, double shot... This was THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER They are in top vocal and performance form it's so perfect that it drives me to use multiple repeating letters to describe how perrrrrfffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect it isssssss!!!!!!!!

Lovely, fan interactive performance by Taeyang. Only Look At Me, Naman Barabwa.

Tonight, such a beautiful night.... Goodnight. This was the glitchy official footage.

Fancam of Tonight, GD-centric; not that anybody's complaining. Look at his energy! His movements are hypnotic.

Daesung wails a powerful ballad called At the Moment. His voice is so full and mature, it's so smooth and utterly amazing.

An interesting and energetic acoustic performance of Lies. I'm so sorry but I love you~

. . . . AAAHHH I LOVE BIG BANG SOOOOO MUCH I'M GONNA EXPLODE WITH LOVE! THE ONLY SONGS MISSING WERE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF LOVE SONG AND STUPID LIAR BUT OH WELL. Really, if those two songs were included, this would be the most perfect Big Bang concert that ever was. Haru Haru too.
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Secret Garden part one. With GD as a gorgeous girl.

Secret Garden part 2. Oh lol lolz lolz. Crunches, boobies, "you have a text~" and. . . . TOP kisses Seungri long and hard? LOLZ at Seungri, he flings himself to the floor screaming and sobbing in trauma. TOP kisses GD too, he's a kissing feed. LOLZ I'M SCREAMING!!! SMEEEELLLLL!!! GD was hit by a car!

Coffee Prince part one. GD is so adorkable!!! I think he's playing a girl who is pretending to be a guy. His role is a girl disguised as a guy if that makes any sense. LOL at the urinals and the blowing (WTF?)

Coffee Prince part two. Everybody loves GD! TOP finds it awkward until he gropes GD and feels GD's boobs. BUT... Turns out GD is a boy after all. He's a boy pretending to be a girl... pretending to be a boy. He has boobs AND a penis. LOL at the end!!!!

Boys Over Flowers part one. Daesung is a girl who crushes on GD, but TOP and Daesung are meant to be. TOP's such a badass. LOL at the slow motion punch, it was ridiculous. The destiny song is hilarious. "You are my destiny~"

Boys Over Flowers part 2. LOL Daesung's first kiss, stolen! OH MAI GAAA! TOP is so angry when GD and Daesung get friendly. GD's going to France! And TOP is there for Daesung, to yank her around and kiss her forcefully.

Virus. TOP and Seungri are forming a dance crew and hold auditions. Daesung dances hilariously!! Taeyang has Tourette's Syndrome. TOP falls ill? He makes a dog play the piano! LOL Seungri's song plays, that sexy one. Seungri sees GD dancing all hot. LOL AT GD what a weirdo! They have their dance crew now! TOP and GD fight. *gasp!* Daesung is NOT a piece of shit! OMGZ GD kisses Seungri's cheek! Romance and offers from other dance groups all make things complicated. Crackers.... TOP and Seungri kiss. TOP is weird. GD was scammed into joining the wrong dance team as their janitor! "Gimme da phone, baby!"
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Welcome to the G-Market
He's Captain G

If only this much awesome and effort and talent went into every store and product. Man, what a commercial. It's less like a commercial and more like an experience!

Full audio and translation
Adorable and highly entertaining making of
OMG teaser (adorable)
The amazing teaser
Ok teaser
Full music video
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I first wrote this song off as lame and weak, but now I love it. It's smooth like chocolate and ice cream.

One with subs here. They're surprisingly sweet and down to earth.
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I didn't pay much attention to the MV until after I bought their album. Now that the song is familiar to me, I can focus on the video. A lot of what I think here was prolly influenced by Simon and Martina, since I watched their "Kpop music mondays" episode about it.

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