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I always noticed this in Screamin' on Humanoid City Live cd/dvd... Right at the transition from "but it hurts so/yeah it hurts so" to "top of the world/top of the world," there's a lag. Today on my drive home from work I replayed the part several times, listening and discerning for who is responsible for the lag. Just one member? Or the whole band?

Gustav's rhythm does not change in the least, so it's not him. (p.s. Gustav's part the entire song is really amazing, btw) And Georg's bass is solid like normal. Then who?

The twins!

So, the last line of the section Bill sings is "yeah, it hurts so." He sang that part a little delayed. Sometimes he does that to make it emotional sounding. But he may only do that on a word or syllable or two... In contrast, Bill's entire line here is delayed, every word.

Then Gustav's lovely tom-tom boom bada boom part. The moment in the next section where the "top of the world's" begin, Tom comes in a fraction too late! The rest of his notes are perfectly in time though.

So my conclusion is that Bill was late for whatever reason, and Tom was paying attention to Bill and not to the more reliable (sorry, Bill) Gustav and Georg... and so Tom was late too. Both twins being late contributes to the sensation of a short lag. I think their little twin delay is cute!

It happens from 2:42 to 2:48. When you watch the video, it's less noticeable -- but if you close your eyes and just listen, the lag is easily perceptible.

I love how well TH does live! They really do well live, don't get me wrong. Playing live is hard -- trust me, I know. Out of all the HCL cd/dvd, this lag in Screamin' is one of the more obvious mistakes (not counting all of Bill's flat notes). The other one is the last word in "Noise," which is sang too early (again, Bill) but at least it's in tune! :D It sucks when the last note in a song is out of tune. So there's always a silver lining! Bill, it's ok -- have a cookie. I'm not mad at you.
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This made me happy for them and proud to be their fan. I loved the chronological progression of concert footage.

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I am going though the web browser bookmarks I've accumulated this year, and some of them are really amusing. When I name things, I really like being incoherent and using capslock, apparently.

Might give you a laugh, might not.

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If Bill strutted into the room looking like that, I would abandon my entire life for him if he'd ask me to.

Plus the "toyboy" interview, because that popped up in suggestions. Don't you just love how youtube gets you watching more and more videos, without ever stopping? Anyway, Bill looks intrigued and highly entertained at the thought. Wouldn't that be cute? The twins with older women? I think that would be cute. I read somewhere about their horoscopes (as much faith as I put in horoscopes, lol, but the ideas from which are cute to think about) that the twins would do better with older women anyway. Also that they like to be dominated.
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O_O He's so tall and thin... Look at his neck!

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Happy six years, boys! *happy tears* Now Monsoon is your single in Japan, the place you named yourselves after because it seemed like an unreachable dream at the time.

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In which Bill cheered for them to do it doggy style, Gustav called their room, Georg wanted to slip 10 euro under their door to get them to keep going, and Tom wanted to do her like a real man. XD

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The long plane ride
Them not partying before work and performances
Their favorite club burned down (It's not existing anymore, right? Oh, that's a pity.)
They are informed of a new club, Paradise
Huge crowds of fans make them understandably nervous
They love the fans anyway
Bill believes in true love, and love at first sight, and soulmates
Tom says to get with Bill, just kiss him (he likes it wet btw)
Bill is uncomfortable and preens nervously
Gustav likes lady pillows
They are inspired by the life
Tom tries on Bill's makeup?
The twins and their good relationship with their mom
The torg rumors are true

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Tom pitching a tent with Georg?
Bill is embarrassing to Tom?
Bill yells for everyone to take a break?
Gustav sings a song in Russian?
Tom blows a kiss to Georg and even feeds him?
Bill makes funny noises?
Bill and Tom are inspired by supermarkets?
Bill likes choosing his own yogurt?

Conclusion: This is an awesome press conference.

The first
The second
The third
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This is what Bill sounds like when he says, "Yoo-hoo."