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Alzheimer's self-portraits, drawn by an artist who has Alzheimer's until he eventually forgot to do them. Wow. Click here to see. What a transformation. I wish there was a cure for dementia.

This made me laugh. What men are REALLY saying when catcalling women. LOL! I always ignore them, it's pathetic and inappropriate. Ignoring a behavior results in extinction of that behavior. Hashtag behaviorism.

And this was interesting! A dynamic visually-represented comparison of vocal ranges, highest pitches achieved, and lowest pitches achieved by many well-known vocalists.

I enjoyed this -- 15 things impossible to do gracefully. ^_^
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The most powerful speaker about something like this is one who suffers from it. I think also about Michael J. Fox, who is a powerful advocate for curing and managing Parkinson's Disease.

This kid is awesome! I love seeing success stories about stuff like this where a team approach helps a person who learns differently (because everyone learns differently) to help him achieve success. And, music helped him too! AND if those things weren't awesome enough, he's taking a step beyond and going out, speaking and raising awareness about FASD!!! AWESOME.

Additionally, I love that he mentions that it's more than drinking during pregnancy. It's so easy to make the mother out as a bad guy (well, girl) but it's often more than that. His mom suffered from domestic violence with an alcoholic husband, whose behavior was in part a result of generations of a culture which has no prevention against such things, which is due to other cultures interacting with it and a history between everything, and it's all a result of everything together. If that makes sense. And how complicated this all is makes blame lie a little less neatly.


/intense enthusiasm
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My puppy made it through surgery today~ It was to remove a large lump on the inside of his leg. They shaved his leg, intubated him, and gave him morphine and anesthesia. It was a challenging procedure, they said. But he's ok. HE MADE IT!

He's home and sleeping. The first thing he did was pee everywhere (a lot of pee...a LOT of it so I'd have peed everywhere too with that much pee in me). And then he demanded food, which I gave. And now he's been sleeping for hours. My baby~ He even took his meds like a good boy! Good thing he eats anything that's covered with peanut butter!

Caring for his sutures and wound is pretty darn gross though. But he's my baby and he's worth it. I'm so glad the lump is gone. They're going to analyze the lump material in the labs, and I hope it's not cancerous. If it is, then I'm glad I have some time left with my baby. He's gonna get better from this surgery and we can live like we always did. :)
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The past two days have been so frustrating and sad that I wanna throw up my hands and laugh because it's funny at this point. Well, in some ways. Black Friday adventures and news about the health of my dog are told and discussed.

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This was a cool thing to read when I try to imagine what it's like for the Kaulitz twins living in the United States. This covers a lot, from the media, politics, religion, society, culture, money, attitudes, technology, age, sex and gender roles, jobs, socioeconomic status, and all the things we live every single day but aren't aware of.

I was impressed by how much training it takes in Germany to become a schoolteacher. I was surprised to hear of the racism there, though; I thought the United States was bad. There is more jelly in American jelly donuts, but here, waiters and waitresses are annoying. There is more environmentalism in Germany, but no "give a penny, take a penny" cups at the store.

It's really interesting! Click here to read.
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Hi guys! I’ve been really excited over the past few weeks about this project I had to do for a class. The class is about the larynx and voice disorders people can get. You know, like how singers are always losing their voice and canceling shows and stuff. Well, we had to chose a celebrity to do this project on. We had to give background information, make a mock evaluation, and a mock treatment plan. This was to be presented to the class and also had to be in a mock evaluation report.

My first choice for a celeb was Bill Kaulitz, and he’s who I ended up doing the project on!

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I have had a negative self-perception of myself for a very long time, since my teen years. I imagined how awkward, fat, and ugly I must appear to other people. I was quiet and afraid that anything I would say would be too quiet for them to hear, or too stupid or that they wouldn't care.

That has since changed, and something minor happened to me today that made me reflect on it for a while. :)

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Loss of knowledge, something you take for granted.

Akinetopsia - loss of motion perception. Can you imagine not seeing motion? You wouldn't pay attention to someone waving to you. How would you perceive the world, then?

Auditory agnosia - difficulty in distinguishing environmental noise from speech. How could you listen to people? I tell you how-- you wouldn't. You wouldn't even know how.

Semantic agnosia - wtf!! You look at an object and have no idea of what it is by sight; the moment you touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it... anything that's not seeing it, you might remember what it is.

Form agnosia - in which you can't perceive an object as a whole, but only its separate parts. What in the world would this feel like?

Interesting stuff. Wear helmets, people. Don't want you getting brain injury and losing abilities you didn't even know you had.
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It sounds like (C)APD but with emotional involvement. In both, you can't get used to the sounds everyone gets used to (ac fan, talking in the next room...) But in misophonia, this equals rage.

Article here
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25 ways to cut some calories every day. I already did most of these. -_- The ones below are ones I can work on! Reading stuff like this, it blows my mind every time about how psychological and behavioral eating is. It's a habit, a brain thing, a chemical thing. Change only a few habits and you can become healthier. It's not hard, either!

-Fidget, twitch, move around
-Don't eat and watch tv simultaneously
-If you must snack, portion out one serving and put the rest away
-Avoid eating dinner with the pots on the table with you. Keep them on the counter, serve yourself there, then go sit down
-Be wary of restaurant menus and "healthy" dishes there
-Ask that dishes be prepared with less oil
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This is WEIRD.

There was a baby born with big muscles! They're studying him in hopes of finding some ways to help muscular distrophy.

There are blind people who use echolocation! That's neat.

There's a guy who can eat metal, and digest it and everything!

There's another guy who is above pain.


And then an AS savant, who knows five languages and learned Icelandic in one week. Wow!
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This was a really interesting article on perceptions and aspirations about body image for women and men. Pop culture and fashion change so often that's it's hard to keep up. It's even harder when ideas about body image change, because you are born with your body and genes. You can't change your body to fit transitory cultural or fashion seasons. The moral is to have realistic expectations and be comfortable in your own skin.
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My knees are gonna be shit when I'm older, so this helps.
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Expanded upon here

-Berries and grapes
-Bananas and mangos
-Kale, chard, beet greens - so many minerals and vitamins!
-Roots and tubers like carrots, parsnips, beets, potatoes, and yams.
-Whole grains
-Beans, esp soybeans, garbanzo and fava
-Tree nuts
-Acorn, butternut, and other winter squash
-Chicken, turkey, and fish over red meat. Get pasture/organic - worth it!
-Olive oil, peanut oil. Get unrefined or cold-pressed oils. Use sparingly.
-Maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, sorghum, rice syrup - not better than sugar but have more flavor so you can use less of them. Molasses has some complex carbs and minerals.
-Potatoes when boiled or steamed as opposed to fried or baked.
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This was really beautiful and tinged with heartbreak. She speaks of her experiences, and they are interlaced with comments on psychology, compassion, and humanity. It's like reading a rose. It's a symbol of love that holds a tragic beauty. It soothes with soft fragrant petals; but with thorns and jagged leaves, it cuts. And its beauty is ever so mortal.

Oh, well, men are climbing to the moon but they don't seem interested in the beating human heart.
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Irrational optimism might not always be the best thing for us, but it is the one thing that keeps us moving forward and growing.

It also talks about how memory is flexible and therefore inaccurate. Why is it flexible anyway? Because we also think about the future, and are hopefully optimistic about it! That blows my mind, that the brain might be more future- than past-orientated. The hippocampus does both functions; memory and future. It's all a complicated mess, considering how expectations of the future actually alter it.

And then bring perception in. How do you perceive the events? Is something bad that happens to you a blessing in disguise? Does your brain literally make it a blessing in disguise, just because the information is processed in this lobe versus that lobe?

Your brain is wired to pay attention to positive information and to think about things with positive ends.

Really really interesting article. The brain is really powerful. Think about placebos! They are strong, and powered by illusions and positivity!
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Here is a slightly scary yet informative infograph that reports statistics about sitting and related health problems. Sitting isn't natural for your body, and the more you sit, the worse it is.
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HERE for my obsessing pleasure.
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People, get your kids vaccinated. It prevents major major illnesses and diseases. The only bad thing about vaccinations is that they cause localized pain at the injection site and crying from being poked with the needle. There is no proof that it causes autism.

Enjoy this satirized video about the subject.