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I miss the dreads, which oddly weren't around long enough for me to even get used to them. Then poof! They were gone.

And this was funny.

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The long plane ride
Them not partying before work and performances
Their favorite club burned down (It's not existing anymore, right? Oh, that's a pity.)
They are informed of a new club, Paradise
Huge crowds of fans make them understandably nervous
They love the fans anyway
Bill believes in true love, and love at first sight, and soulmates
Tom says to get with Bill, just kiss him (he likes it wet btw)
Bill is uncomfortable and preens nervously
Gustav likes lady pillows
They are inspired by the life
Tom tries on Bill's makeup?
The twins and their good relationship with their mom
The torg rumors are true

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Tom pitching a tent with Georg?
Bill is embarrassing to Tom?
Bill yells for everyone to take a break?
Gustav sings a song in Russian?
Tom blows a kiss to Georg and even feeds him?
Bill makes funny noises?
Bill and Tom are inspired by supermarkets?
Bill likes choosing his own yogurt?

Conclusion: This is an awesome press conference.

The first
The second
The third
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Woody and buzz, sports, and nobody wants Bill.

1. Who is the most aggressive with relationships?
2. Who is childish?
3. What toys are they into as of late?
4. Who works out?
5. Who’s the late sleeper?
6. Who’s the smartest?
7. Why isn’t Bill in a relationship?

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Here is an interesting article on androgyny and how it's affecting the fashion world. Gender roles, labels, society, people's reactions and beliefs and all that... It's really interesting. Also, Andrej is simply gorgeous.

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What happens when you put a normal little girl in a hotel hallway? Thanks to horror movies, this!

p.s. LOLZ it's the el hormiguero show. Ahhh, the good TH memories.
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rough translation of the questions, thanks to [ profile] datptsdb


1) Bill’s hairdo is awesome. How much time does it usually take him each time?

2) If you were to analyze yourself, what kind of human (person?) would you say you are?

3) Zubari! (A difficult exclamation to translate. It means sort of like setting the record straight so there’s no more confusion I think) Please say what your impression of Japanese girls is.

4) Please tell us about twin episodes? (Lol I’m just guessing. I assume they mean tell us special twin-y things)

5) If were to attach a catchphrase to each member, what would you put?

6) Do you use any kind of perfume? If you do please tell us what you use.


1) Please tell us what you like about yourself, what you don’t like.

2) I want you to talk about twin episodes. (Same as Bill’s question, just worded differently)

3) Of each member, is there anything you’d like to fix?

4) Zubari! Please say what your impression of Japanese girls is.

5) What type of girl do you like?
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There are so many inappropriate comments I could make, but I won't. OK I cave, here goes. Koda Kumi . . . If I could have one night with any woman in the world it would be her. She's got this attitude and way of carrying herself that's really appealing. And we already know I love Bill and Tom and especially Bill, and they're like sex gods to me. So this is like a meeting -- no, it is for reals a meeting of my favorite people who I sometimes view sexually in one room. Flirting with each other. That's intense for me.

Bill really likes her (he actually flirts with her. wow and here we all thought he was gay) and that I now want to see them as a couple. They'd be so cute!~

Part one

Part two
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I love Gustav for being a teddy bear.
I love Georg for having nice hair.
I love Tom for that tablecloth he's wearing around his neck.
And lastly and mostly of all I love Bill for dressing like a glam rockstar punk again! ♥ He's gorgeous, utterly drop-dead gorgeous here.

Part one (chaotic interview and Bill's tongue!)

Part two (dsots performance and cookies for everyone!)

I may have gone a little overboard with the tags. Honestly with all that's happened in the last two days (interview, husky hat, THTV episode, this interview and performance. . . ) it's just been crazy. I don't think my heart can take this high of a TH awesomeness dosage.
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Don't miss this! It's a super good interview.

Part one

Part two

Part three
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Things get crude in this one. It seemed like a tough interview for the boys.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3
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Tokio Hotel: a band where it's ok to smack your brother's crotch and discuss the end of the world, all while promoting your album.

Bill's english is really good! He's actually speaking it fluently enough to manipulate it to express his ideas and feelings.

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HERE at tokiohotelamerica.


Tom's english is really sounding fluent! He's talking a lot!

Bill said a line from Monsun o koete, and they didn't understand him.

Obrigado is NOT arigato. Wrong language, guys!

Gustav, do you know what sayonara means?
"Aufwiedersehen...oh, goodbye."

Wie geht's
How's it goin

Bill: Practice, practice... Do it every day...
Tom: The truth is; I do it every morning for two hours.
*Georg groans*
Tom: I can do it for you, maybe.
Bill: You should not do it.
(I have no idea what they're talking about doing.)

I'm so sick of the one lady who keeps going "mm" "mm" "mm" "mm." Shut up!
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All this I already knew ;-)

Breathlessly, the little boy with the Little-Vampire-hairstyle and black eyeliner around his eyes, sang the Weather Girls song "It's raining men" and was fidgeting frenziedly with his arms. Afterwards he had to listen to amusements about his flamboyant outfit. He was doing it politely and charming and turned towards the jury with a gorgeous smile.

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And things like that