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There's something really calming and therapeutic when I make my lunch for tomorrow. I pack my lunch 4 times a week, and I never go somewhere and pay for my lunch. I always take my own. It gives me control, which I like. I make good food for myself too, so I don't have to settle for the fast food products that aren't the best. The best thing I love is a sandwich of toast with red bell pepper hummus and sliced mushrooms. Another thing I enjoy is cottage cheese with mulberries.

I don't make really complicated stuff. I just make good stuff. I like taking the time usually at 8 or 9 the night before, and just cutting my veggies or toasting my bread. It makes me want to try making the more intricate bento boxes like they do in Japan.

When I'm making lunch, the counter doesn't look this neat. I have stuff strewn out all over.

An epic bento box. They don't normally look like this! This is pretty intricate.
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It was amazing. Since I didn't go and since I'd have to get the dvd imported at who knows how much, watching the entire concert on youtube will do.

All of their songs were amazing, but Love Song was especially flawless. I covet GD's legs. But man, do I hate their outfits.

Full concert below cut )
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The energy and emotion was great. They worked the crowd so well and gave an amazing performance. Seungri was utterly radiant, and Taeyang was so guhhhh.... just perfect in every way. The way he groaned that low note in Haru Haru, and then gave a little gasp at the end of it... killed me ded. Even TOP was less annoying than normal. GD was literally spinning like a top across the stage, and Daesung was really getting into it! Just amazing, amazing. These guys are my favorites for a reason. No one else performs with this freedom nd abandon, it's so amazing. The crowd loved them so much, as do I.

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I was surfin some Bill albums on buzznet and ran across these. Never hurts to appreciate some Bill.

Beach twins, heavy eyeliner, and catwalk greatness )
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There is an ESL teacher and his/her Japanese student, and they do this project in which the student describes a random funny internet picture in a couple of sentences. Her captions are understated, brilliant, and hilarious.

This is an electronic muddler. When you put it in a cup of coffee, it stirs your coffee like it is swimming. It is funnier when you use a huge cup with it.
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Ok... *breathes*


...And did you hear the dog? Ruff! RUFF!

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LOLZ ETERNAL LOLZ I never thought I'd see the day when THIS happened.


And you can't appreciate akb48 without this. Because nothing complements weird stuff like more weird stuff.
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Just in time for their June 23 performance with Lady Gaga and TOKIO HOTEL!!! *spazzes* It's crazy how many lines and screen time they gave to Taemin! Wow! For once, Jonghyun takes a back seat. It's a dramatic change from the first Korean version. I must say I like the Korean song better, but I like the feel and style of the new Japanese music video better.

I KNOW WHY TAEMIN IS FEATURED SO MUCH!!!! OMGZ It's cuz the Japanese love cute things, and Taemin is the cutest member. You know, kawaii-desu and stuff. Taemin is SHINee's ticket to success in Japan.

I like the Korean MV version of Key better. He's so cute! Well, he's cute in both but I'm less fond of blond Key. But him in those huge glasses and being a fashion designer is soooo adorable! I love Key. X3

I like the new version of everyone else though, especially Onew and Taemin! They're less weird and awkward looking! Jonghyun and Minho look the same. Minho is less creepy in the Japanese MV.

Newer Japanese version song and MV

Older Korean version song and MV
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Even more exciting is that SHINee and Tokio Hotel are performing at the same event in Japan on June 23, the MTV Japan VMAs or something. If Key and Bill talk to each other, I'm gonna self-combust in an explosion of happy confetti.
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Perfect performances. I have so much love for them right now.

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Woody and buzz, sports, and nobody wants Bill.

1. Who is the most aggressive with relationships?
2. Who is childish?
3. What toys are they into as of late?
4. Who works out?
5. Who’s the late sleeper?
6. Who’s the smartest?
7. Why isn’t Bill in a relationship?

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THIS HERE is a link to the hilarious blog titled wtf japan seriously. It showcases the weirder things to come out of Japan. Hilarious!

Like the following video. I have never seen a choreography designed around the clever censoring of groins. O_O

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First there's this

And from that, this.



Is there a tag for "soft porn" "slightly inappropriate?"
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Where did "OK" begin, and how?


BTW, look at the gorgeousness of the twins! Soon this photoshoot will be released in full. Yay!

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rough translation of the questions, thanks to [ profile] datptsdb


1) Bill’s hairdo is awesome. How much time does it usually take him each time?

2) If you were to analyze yourself, what kind of human (person?) would you say you are?

3) Zubari! (A difficult exclamation to translate. It means sort of like setting the record straight so there’s no more confusion I think) Please say what your impression of Japanese girls is.

4) Please tell us about twin episodes? (Lol I’m just guessing. I assume they mean tell us special twin-y things)

5) If were to attach a catchphrase to each member, what would you put?

6) Do you use any kind of perfume? If you do please tell us what you use.


1) Please tell us what you like about yourself, what you don’t like.

2) I want you to talk about twin episodes. (Same as Bill’s question, just worded differently)

3) Of each member, is there anything you’d like to fix?

4) Zubari! Please say what your impression of Japanese girls is.

5) What type of girl do you like?