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I have a new job! Today was the end of my first week there all on my own. I started last week-- last Monday-- but that was training. I just followed around the current speech-language pathologist (SLP) there and kinda learned the ropes.

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Hello everyone!

After a month and a half of nonstop applying to jobs (I applied more than 30 different places), after turning two down and corresponding with lots of job recruiters and basically feeling like I'd die if I didn't get a job, I finally finally got one.

I interviewed earlier this week with the HR guy. I anticipated his office being really cold (schools are always cold and I get cold easily) but his office was rather hot and I was sweating up a monsoon. I was so nervous and my jaw was trembling. I gave a great interview though, and I had really good feelings about it.

Two days later, the HR guy called me and said that the school district wants to offer me the position! And he went on and on listing all the benefits and salary and holidays and days off and I said yes, yes yes yes to all of the above.

My job is going to start in August, and it's at an elementary school a couple of hours away from where I live! I will administer speech and language therapy services to around 25 children (this is a low number), get real paid, and enjoy the benefits of working in a school! Let's see, there's holidays off, summers off, playing with kids all day, making differences in their lives...


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