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Its formal name is "petrichor," and it consists of oils and scents plants release upon rain. It's bacterial! Doesn't stop it from smelling so good. :)

It smells fresh. If new life had a smell, it would be petrichor and the clean powdery smell of a baby's skin.

Also related to the smell of rain is the sight of rain at night, and how car lights and streetlights reflect off of it so beautifully.

 photo Suschitzky_3_3000.jpg
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All of the gummibears are made of acrylic. It looks so cool! More pictures are here.

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Who doesn't like shiny, magical lights? I adore them. I love them so much I wish people left their Christmas lights lit all year around! Why can't every night be filled with blinking glittering light magic??

We don't have lights on our own house because my mom refuses to hang them for reasons too complicated to share here. When I get my own house, I am going to be the brightest house on the block. This I promise you.


Some awesome building in Denver, Colorado

A house with with those repeating spiral design lights on their roof.

A completely awesome house omg

I love driving through towns and neighborhoods who take the time to put lights up! SO AWESOME IT'S LIKE LIGHT CANDY FOR YOUR EYES
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This is so cool! More pics and a video here!
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They considered using glitter in the air force!

All That Glitters: The History of Shiny Things from Etsy on Vimeo.

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A TH ornament, a funny card, and our colorful, glittery tree.

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Thank you Tom Kaulitz; this was neat!

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Weirdest damn dream I've ever had. At times it got graphic. The strangest part was when God and Satan were in a grocery store. This dream was hilarious and horrifying at the same time.

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What a touching man with a heart of gold; who cares enough to do something, to take action to preserve the lives of strangers.
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I've always wondered what exactly fire is. It's a persistant chemical reaction, ignited by heating fuel and having it react with an element like oxygen or even flouride. Once it's started, it generates its own heat and keeps itself going. I guess what we see is energy being released.

Thanks Neatorama or bathroom reader or whoever, this was neat to read about.
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OMG her poison and the deer and it fell on the other one! Oh, but the ending! I got teary eyed.

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So many more wonderful chandeliers here, oh they're so beautiful!
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*laughs* I never type Tokyo with a Y, it's always an I. That's cuz this time this is the real Tokyo Japan and an awesome little movie made about the lights at night.

Full screen here.
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Stop being so awesome, Allegator! Wow!

edit: I have just found out to my dismay that these are not Allegator's works but someone who just copied what she'd already done. These are obviously hers, but they added the color and all. I still really like these but now the feeling isn't the same. :(

edit edit: WAHH I just found out that because of all the people copying her stuff, she's gonna close down her site and take down all her art. *whimpers* NOO! Please no! She's one of the best artists in the TH community!! She's legendary and her works are burnt into my brain. :( She'll do what she must in the end, but I'm still sad and sorry for her.

Mohawk of eternal wonder
Another one of Bill
Colorful Tom
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He makes crazy, geometric origami. This is his origami lamp.

And this one is amazing.

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More pretty glass works here.
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Ange et Démon by roBERT.
The song is elegantly divine; the video creepy.

crois-tu que je suis ange... ou démon?

c'est mon secret. 

personne ne sait ce que vraiment je suis 

quand ce glisse à mon cou le collier de tes mains 

cette parure éphèmère trop sérré à mon cou 

mon souffle vient à manquer voila tu la dénoues

je glisse dans tes bras, me voila à tes pieds

plus morte que de raison 

mon ange, mon démon 

oui c'est un coups de foudre 

tu es tombé du ciel

et en m'otant la vie, tu m'as donné des ailes

je suis ange et démon et suis prète à me battre

et toi tu bats de l'aile et tombe en pamoison

les portes de l'enfer et celles du paradis

ne savent pas encore vraiment ce que je suis

un ange ou un démon, de qui donc est le crime? 

serais-je tentation ou simplement victime

si les porte du ciel ne veulent pas s'ouvrir

tu m'ouvriras tes bras et je ouvrirais mes jambes

à nous deux, mon amour, nous enfanteront un dieu

un ange ou un démon 
là n'est pas la question 

je suis ange et démon et c'est là mon secret

je suis ange et démon et c'était là mon secret

This commercial with the song is pretty neat.
This is the original song, called Personne, about living in an impersonal world. It's really bleak and depressing.
And this lovely Bill video is where I first heard it. *sigh* Lovely song, lovely video subject... Couldn't be more perfect.
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They look so ethereal, like one's own personal chunk of sun. Here are more.

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Hung by a crane. Info and gallery ici
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