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Each time is different and wonderful. Man, I love him.

The first time he does a ballet twirl. The second time his costume explodes. The third time, it's all the other guys ganging up on him. The fourth time he makes a funny noise and that other members can't sing for laughing. XD

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Today was a fun day. I discovered Taeyang has a personal youtube account. He uploaded a Beyonce cover that's quite nice, but what made me laugh so hard was his username: THETEYDADDY. Appropriate graphic is appropriate, and not mine. X)

.......He's gonna be singing "I Need A Girl" for the rest of his life. So, I clicked from Taeyang's channel to this very bizarre, amazing video.... And my life changed forever.

Taeyang doesn't need a girl--he just needs ice cream! )
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Who's the most skilled male singer in kpop? My question is: Why isn't Taeyang in first place? And how could Taemin score before Niel and Yunho??? And Seungri? That's dumb.

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Bow chica wow. .. . .wow..

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There are many reasons why Lee Joon from MBLAQ is my favorite K-pop star.

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Questions taken from this lovely blog. I promise it gets a little more interesting under the cut.

1. Will it be ok?
Hunde, Tokio hotel. So long as there are dogs, it'll be fine.

2. How are you feeling today?
Kampf der liebe, Tokio Hotel. I guess I'm feeling the pain of love, today.

3. How do your friends see you?
Keep tryin', Utada Hikaru. I'm always trying! I don't give up.

4. Will you get married?
Ring Ding Dong, SHINee. Is that an affirmative answer? I'ma ring ding someone's dong.

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Part one. OMG

After hearing it and thinking about it that I had a burst of inspiration. I wrote this on a banana, as it were; it was the only surface available. LOVE you Masa!

Have you ever loved something so much, your heart almost aches? You want to become one with it. Drain out all your blood and fill your veins with it instead, so it possesses your entire being.

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This is Joon's annoyed face.

And here is a clip of "Raise your hands" with TOM singing! You can clearly hear him. And you can hear him sing out of tune! No wonder he never sings. He says his voice is "pure sex" and the fans wouldn't be able to handle it. Oh, I see what you did there, Tom. I see what you did there.
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I think episode 3 is missing, but it's just MBLAQ doing stupid pointless shit to impress some young female idol. This time around it's Sulli from f(x). I don't think I'm missing much. I look forward to episode 15, in which there are no female idols to impress and it's just MBLAQ. ^^

They have to all fight for some reason, like sumo/martial arts. Joon vs. Thunder; Joon wins. Joon vs. Seungho; Joon rips his pants I think. They crawl all over each other; Joon wins. Joon vs. Mir; Mir channels his inner animal and natural weirdness and energy. He skitters -- literally -- across the mat and scares Joon. They crawl over each other too, grabbing at each other's belts. Intense. Joon wins. Sulli wanted Mir to win. Joon laments that he tries so hard to entertain people but no one acknowledges him. "Take a picture with her!" "But she doesn't like me!!!" "You'll stand close, maybe then she will!" "I'm sweaty!" They took a selca.

This episode they have to answer trivia questions about her. Joon's voice cracks. They put chalk dust in their hair. GO is powdered.

GO lost, so he had to get his face painted. They have to play a game where they hold another member on their back and remove socks from their feet, using only their feet. Mir explodes in frustration. Joon and Thunder win. Some JoonxThunder love. Then JoonThun vs. Seungho and Sulli. SulliHo wins. Sulli texts the winner; Mir. Joon loses, so they show his embarrassing photo. Herp Derp.

They show all member photos too. Joon's was the least embarrassing. THEN it gets interesting; MBLAQ's self camera in Japan! GO and Mir on a plane with double eyelids. Joon in their airport, looking snazzy with a hat. They go through security. Joon: "Hmmm... do I have drugs? My charm is a drug." LOL JOON U ROCK!! At the hotel, Joon on a bed in a muscle shirt. Joon is confused about the time zones. GO and Joon and mustaches. Joon works out!!! In a muscle shirt WHICH HE TAKES OFF!!!!! THIS is what we've been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chest, shoulders, abs-- lots of abs. He gets sweaty, which only makes his muscles shimmer in the low light.... Next morning they leave, do hair and makeup. Mir looks aged.

They're transformed! Joon's gaze is intense. He jokes and gets all dramatic, then acts cute. Mir looks cute! His hair is all flippy and eyes all raccooned. They freak out because his nipple was exposed. They throw candy for Mir to catch with his mouth. Mir is all makeuped and in a muscle shirt, crawling around on the floor and catching candy. He catches each one. He's got some muscles! He chews the chewy candy and dances. He missed the last piece. Tey rehearsed, and went to have dinner, all makeuped and pigging out. They argue over who gets to bee in the camera scene. Joon is a camera ham. He eats a long noodle of ramen. While GO films, the boys go crazy in the background. Mir kisses Thunder. GO and Joon in the bathroom Joon in the tub! Thunder and a hair drier. Joon shaves. He towels off. Thunder is weird at the camera.
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He's gorgeous here. GORGEOUS. Mir looks rockin too.

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Normally, sweaty people are gross. Joon is different. Much different.

edit: dude, wtf?!?


And Joon doing a peace sign is different too. Different in a good way.
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