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I love the internet!

What would it be like if your boss was a cat? The Adventures of Business Cat

Dog gets cracker stuck on nose, gets confused.

32 service workers who hilariously are not even pretending to try and care anymore. XD

Watch in amazement as somehow, a group of researchers is able to capture and extract sound from a video with the sound turned off, by minutely analyzing tiny waves and oscilations in the video pixels. It's crazy.

And last, brushing up on yoga-related vocabulary in Spanish. Vamos a sentarnos... con los ojos cerrados, respiren profundamente y lentamente, enfocando, visualizando las olas del mar.
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Alzheimer's self-portraits, drawn by an artist who has Alzheimer's until he eventually forgot to do them. Wow. Click here to see. What a transformation. I wish there was a cure for dementia.

This made me laugh. What men are REALLY saying when catcalling women. LOL! I always ignore them, it's pathetic and inappropriate. Ignoring a behavior results in extinction of that behavior. Hashtag behaviorism.

And this was interesting! A dynamic visually-represented comparison of vocal ranges, highest pitches achieved, and lowest pitches achieved by many well-known vocalists.

I enjoyed this -- 15 things impossible to do gracefully. ^_^
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It makes me want to dance! These beats are so smooth and dancable!

"Asi es la vida" (such is life)

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If you're down, or even if you're happy and want to be happier, give this song a listen.

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This song lightened up my mood and gave me chills. :)

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After coming home from eating out at a mexican restaurant, I was really inspired to sing a song about it. That ditty evolved into the chorus of this song. "Velma gay....muy chevere." Muy chevere means "very cool" in in Spanish.

It's a long and weird story but now we've made this reggae song about Velma from Scooby-doo realizing she's gay. I made the lyrics, and my boyfriend made the rest of the song. It's given us a lot of laughs, and I hope you like it too.

Here's the link to listen

And embedded below is the soundcloud widget where you can listen too

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Image from Otto Schmidt Art
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This is a kpop post, fyi. If you couldn't tell.

I haven't been on the internet for fun and leisure for most of the week (actually the past couple weeks), so coming home from work and finding out a bunch of exciting kpop things was awesome. A lot of my favorite artists are doing new things and it makes me excited~

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Yes, I was one of those band nerds. Band camp was an amazing experience for little homeschooled and socially-awkward yet exceedingly eager and energetic little me.

I played the drums, and I firmly believe they were (and still are) the best band instrument. I played concert band, which involved snare drum, bass drum, all the cymbals, various accessory percussion instruments, tonal instruments (xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, wind chimes), and my fave -- the tympani. Seriously, no other instrument lets you have this much fun and variety -- plus you get to be really loud.

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So anyway, band camp was pretty much the highlight of my pre-teen years. :) I loved going so much.
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This is what I did all day today! I missed making music so much, so making this was fun! I made some music yesterday too, another song that was a gift to someone very close to my heart. <3

Today's song is in Italian! It's called Dolce Follia, by the Spanish group La Oreja De Van Gogh. They are my favorite group in the world. (Sorry, Tokio Hotel! :P)

That's me singing and playing the piano! I used minimal effects -- just some reverb and frequency enhancement on the vocals.

Listen to it here!

The lyrics are so beautiful. She's singing about selling everything she owns -- front row seats to an unforgettable concert, the melody to a song she wrote, the script for a movie she wants to make, a camera full of photos she took of places she's visited, all of her memories, all her stories, everything she has.

She's selling everything to pay off some unnamed life debt so she can see her loved one again, because she can't live "without his/her sun, moon, and sweet insanity." She only sees her loved one in dreams anymore, dreams in which she chases his/her ghost and never catches it. "The memory of your embrace is like the fleeting touch of moonlight on this roof, this roof I want to throw myself off of because I can't live without your sun, your moon, your sweet insanity." The song ends about her going on one last chase from which she will never return.

It tells such a beautiful, sad story, and the song is beautiful too!
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Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

Thanks to [ profile] kseenaa and previous lj users for sharing this, and for asking me my five questions! Let's merrily perpetuate this! It's a fun one. :) [ profile] kseenaa asked me about the future, fandoms, books, comics, and music.

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This performance is amazing! The song is from the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIV.

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I always noticed this in Screamin' on Humanoid City Live cd/dvd... Right at the transition from "but it hurts so/yeah it hurts so" to "top of the world/top of the world," there's a lag. Today on my drive home from work I replayed the part several times, listening and discerning for who is responsible for the lag. Just one member? Or the whole band?

Gustav's rhythm does not change in the least, so it's not him. (p.s. Gustav's part the entire song is really amazing, btw) And Georg's bass is solid like normal. Then who?

The twins!

So, the last line of the section Bill sings is "yeah, it hurts so." He sang that part a little delayed. Sometimes he does that to make it emotional sounding. But he may only do that on a word or syllable or two... In contrast, Bill's entire line here is delayed, every word.

Then Gustav's lovely tom-tom boom bada boom part. The moment in the next section where the "top of the world's" begin, Tom comes in a fraction too late! The rest of his notes are perfectly in time though.

So my conclusion is that Bill was late for whatever reason, and Tom was paying attention to Bill and not to the more reliable (sorry, Bill) Gustav and Georg... and so Tom was late too. Both twins being late contributes to the sensation of a short lag. I think their little twin delay is cute!

It happens from 2:42 to 2:48. When you watch the video, it's less noticeable -- but if you close your eyes and just listen, the lag is easily perceptible.

I love how well TH does live! They really do well live, don't get me wrong. Playing live is hard -- trust me, I know. Out of all the HCL cd/dvd, this lag in Screamin' is one of the more obvious mistakes (not counting all of Bill's flat notes). The other one is the last word in "Noise," which is sang too early (again, Bill) but at least it's in tune! :D It sucks when the last note in a song is out of tune. So there's always a silver lining! Bill, it's ok -- have a cookie. I'm not mad at you.
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On twitter last night, I saw that some of the Final Fantasy 7 accounts I follow mentioned something about a FF concert in St. Louis. I was like O_O. Whut. It was already happening and I live too far away to have made it on time, and I didn't have any plans made or anything. I sighed, and told my mom about this concert next day. She suggested me checking online to see if they were still in town.

They were. And so my boring Saturday suddenly became a really totally super awesome amazing day, high up there on my list of "best days ever." :D

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I found these hiding in my itunes. Hello, old friends!

I had the biggest crush on this guy. His voice is amazing. The chorus is so good; "Give me your air for one more day so that I might breathe, a ray of light that makes me shine and kills the loneliness."

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This song rules my life right now.

In the original, Taeyang's part starting at 2:30 kills me for some reason. I think it's the emotion he sings with, or maybe it's just his voice timbre.

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You know how sometimes you can unplug your headphone jack slightly and it removes the center, foreground sounds? You know, in a sound field.... the sounds in the center are usually the main vocals and effects. That's the foreground. And the other background effects are quieter and more "on the sides" and not in the center of the sound field? It's almost like those background sounds are "hidden" because they're simply not as prominent as the foreground sounds. There are secrets hiding in the background.

I did this with Tokio Hotel's Humanoid today. I discovered some neat things.

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There's nothing too odd about this video. It demonstrates a modified barium swallow study. But what made me and the rest of the class laugh was the background music. I hadn't heard this song in years! XD The Middle, by Jimmy Eat World; Orchestral version. Wth?

There was also this video, in which the phrase "naughty epiglottis" is used. What a naughty epiglottis!
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They wouldn't let me watch it in the U.S. FINALLY I SEE IT NOW

;u; They're performing on an airport runway. OMG *flailing* That means so much since the song is about taking flight~ Because only you, you can teach me how to fly! Comets in the sky! Like the sun, like the sea... To draw my name above the earth. like the sun, like the sea~

Paraguas por el cielo from Roberto B on Vimeo.