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This is a little tumblr that posts before and after photos of microwaving things. I look forward to its growth.

Edit: images removed. Bleh. Just click the link and see for yourself! It's like colorful eye candy... that is actually candy. :D
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I was surfin some Bill albums on buzznet and ran across these. Never hurts to appreciate some Bill.

Beach twins, heavy eyeliner, and catwalk greatness )
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This guy takes pictures of animals. Really close up face shots. It's so cute! I loved the buffalo one. He or she is like "Hey. You looking at me?"
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Ga-in from Brown Eyed Girls is a beautiful, talented woman with great hair and a beautiful voice! I loved her album Step 2/4. And she was in Sunny Hill's hit MV teaser Midnight Circus! I love Ga-in. Here is a gallery full of pics of her.
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Tom pitching a tent with Georg?
Bill is embarrassing to Tom?
Bill yells for everyone to take a break?
Gustav sings a song in Russian?
Tom blows a kiss to Georg and even feeds him?
Bill makes funny noises?
Bill and Tom are inspired by supermarkets?
Bill likes choosing his own yogurt?

Conclusion: This is an awesome press conference.

The first
The second
The third
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HERE more snakes crawl for your visual candy enjoyment.

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This song is my groove right now, and of course it's always better when put to a slideshow of my favorite man. He's gorgeous in that New York 2009 meet and greet. Mmm the song is so good! It's tuneless, keyless; but with that bass and beat, along with the weird piercing strings and Beyonce's full bodied voice it's amazing! That and the spunky lyrics-- I love it.

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I see what you did there. Looking all identical. Are the Kaulitz twins really triplets? Bill, Tom, and Natalie?


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A really good MBLAQ fansite I'm a member of anyway

Another Joon site

Joon bought a house! He reasoned that being a pop idol won't last forever, so he should invest his idol money now.
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This guy takes pictures of them just as they pop and it's really neat looking. Go look.
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Website here, it chronicles user submitted photos in which they pose like photos of their parents! So cute!

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A whole gallery of spiraling things. OMG HERE I could look at these forever. You know what would be the death of me? if Bill's eyes became spirals. I'd never look at anything else ever again.

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Tired of having these pics bookmarked.

Origami dragon
GD looking cool
GD adorable
Bill has such a perfect face.
Kaulitzes on vacation 1
Kaulitzes on vacation 2
Beautiful Humanoid concert pics
Bill looking pretty epic
Bill in that awesome jacket
Bill in leather
Bill in leather
Bill in leather

-sigh- whoo! All that leather. These pics are HOT! Like, temperature. Beach, sunbathing, hot leather bodysuits under the stage lights. I'm all flustered. ;)