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Alzheimer's self-portraits, drawn by an artist who has Alzheimer's until he eventually forgot to do them. Wow. Click here to see. What a transformation. I wish there was a cure for dementia.

This made me laugh. What men are REALLY saying when catcalling women. LOL! I always ignore them, it's pathetic and inappropriate. Ignoring a behavior results in extinction of that behavior. Hashtag behaviorism.

And this was interesting! A dynamic visually-represented comparison of vocal ranges, highest pitches achieved, and lowest pitches achieved by many well-known vocalists.

I enjoyed this -- 15 things impossible to do gracefully. ^_^
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I was administering the SCATBI (Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury) to a patient with TBI. I came upon this test item which made me laugh inside!

Tom and Bill, whose wives' names are Fran and Barb (not necessarily in that order), went shopping one day. One man bought a suit; the other bought a sweater. One of the men also bought a shirt. From the clues given, tell me which man bought which clothes. Tell me their wives' names also.

(1) Tom did not buy any pants
(2) Barb's husband bought a suit
(3) The shirt was chosen because it matched the buyer's new sweater.

Answer under the cut! It's not too difficult to figure out.

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I have had a negative self-perception of myself for a very long time, since my teen years. I imagined how awkward, fat, and ugly I must appear to other people. I was quiet and afraid that anything I would say would be too quiet for them to hear, or too stupid or that they wouldn't care.

That has since changed, and something minor happened to me today that made me reflect on it for a while. :)

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Something that's rocking the kpop world right now are stalkers who obsessively follow the superstars of the group JYJ. First, there was a recording of JYJ cussing out the stalkers and even hitting them. JYJ was blacklisted for this, pretty much. "How could they do such a thing?!"

But then more was released, like a photo of a JYJ member in a restaurant, and the windows behind full of girls plastered to the windows. A story about how these girls hire taxis to intentionally crash into JYJ's vehicles. A video of one girl caressing a JYJ member's cheek, then slapping it with all her might. The shock on his face. JYJ saying they've been stalked for years.

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Our brains are wired to recognize faces. Even babies a couple of days old will respond to a simple smiley face drawn on a piece of paper. If there's no smile, and just two dots for eyes, they don't respond. It's easy to see faces everywhere! I do it all the time. My brother did too, when he was younger. He would see faces in his room when he went to bed and he had nightmares. :( But he wouldn't have nightmares about these cute faces.

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The Kaulitz twins:
Tom likes driving fast
Bill's been in an accident
They went skydiving
Bill has multiple facial piercings and hand and neck tattoos
Tom has a facial piercing and a hand tattoo, too
Tom hit a girl
Their very career choice isn't guaranteed to be successful
They both smoke
They've both done drugs
We assume Tom has had a lot of sex
We assume they've partied a lot and gotten drunk a lot

I've been thinking about risk-taking versus cautious behavior lately. But then again, there's a lot of ways that the twins are "balanced" people, whatever you can define "normal" and "balanced" as. "Non risk-seeking," maybe.

Just thinking. Don't mind me.
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They did an EEG on Zico, a rapper from South Korea. First - for entertainment purposes - they made him compose a rap about the homunculus and the sensory and motor cortices. That was neat! I learned about those last semester.

Then they did the experiment. They recorded the electric activity in his brain when looking at images. I suspect that these images cause standardized, "normal" patterns of electric activity. That was the pre-test. Then, they had him recite something. I don't know if it was just random stuff, or relevant to the test, or what. The researcher in me wants to know what they gave him to read, but anyway... They did a post-test of the same image thing. Results showed more electric activity in the post-test, which is a "better performance."

BUT listen here, there could have just been more activity simply because it was a second exposure to the test that was administered so soon after the first. And did he know he'd take it a second time, or did they "blind" him? Does recitation of random words, which is a visual-motor-language activity, really help with a visual images test? My research methods teacher would laugh at this experiment. Despite all that, it holds entertainment value because Zico is a celebrity and actually a pretty awesome guy imo. He had dreadlocks once and I love his voice and his raps.

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Animals even as "simple" as rats may be able to feel empathy. Loose rats free trapped rats -- choosing to do so even over the offer of food. They don't free a fake rat, and they express no interest in freeing when the box is empty. <3 This suggests that empathy is a primal thing, programmed in our limbic system of basic emotions and instinct. The article is here.
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South Korea is ruled by beauty. Beauty, the idea that beauty brings love and happiness. But these two videos make a profound statement that beauty is blind, beauty is ugly.

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Apparently, it stimulates the limbic system deep in the brain. It even stimulates the amygdala, which modulates emotions. feel sleepy. It's my second listening-through. But then again, it's late afternoon/evening; my usual daily slump.

Download + more here
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Wearing something glamorous makes you feel glamorous. Wearing something current and trendy makes you feel like you're a member of a secret club. This article identifies some of these things, which I have felt too. It labels the psychology of fashion so explicitly, and even brings in the gender gap into it. Why are men so into sports? I have no idea. Why are women so into fashion and looking good? That I can understand, but a lot of men cannot. That's so interesting!

In the end, it's all about how expressing yourself makes you feel. You can wear whatever, it's how it makes you feel. If you can rock a potato sack like Lucy Ricardo, you wear it proudly. ...That brings up another interesting thing - the tv show mocked Lucy for that, for her expressing herself. The tv show and media at that time (and still today, just less) were run by men. Sports were never ridiculed like Lucy's fashion was. ...Interesting. Again, proof of the gender gap between women's and men's interests.

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will sound like this. This is so funny, and so true!

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This is basically my approach to life on a flowchart.

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The bottom line is to notice and appreciate every moment. Appreciate that you are there, living that moment. Appreciate the moment itself, all of its sensations. Look at the positive of the moment, and don't think about being somewhere else. There's a whole little spiel about it here.
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A couple of them are frauds, a couple are just silly. A couple are very famous, like esperanto and klingon. One was a language JRR Tolkien created. A couple are philosophic in origin, like the idea that to better express themselves, women need more emotional words with subtle shades in difference. It's interesting! Read about them here.
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There are a few people whose faces just don't agree with me. I just don't like their faces. A few of them inspire revulsion in me. Here they all are in one place... yay... I swallow down my vomit as I analyze why I hate these faces so much.

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Apparently, if the right ring finger is longer than the index finger, the person is judged to be highly attractive by females and have more "masculine" traits. It has to do with testosterone. Men with longer index fingers may be gay? More here too.

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Charlie Brown comics are always 4 panels. What happens when you remove the 4th panel? The punch line is gone, and the comic takes on a somber, despairing, depressing mood. For real! I didn't believe it till I read them! See them here.

And what happens when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comics? You get the solitary rantings of a crazy, lonely, pitiable man. See those here.

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--if they happen, that is. Some are a given (polar ice) and some are not happening (aliens)

Melting polar ice
Alien life
Nuclear war
Huge California earthquake
Nuclear fusion
Creation of life
Cloning a human
A modern plague
AI self-awareness
The fourth dimension
Superconductors that work

The interactive thingy that tells you about these is found here.
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I already posted something about this. Language gives shapes to our thoughts, and shapes concepts, schemas, organization, categories, perception, emotion, and so much more. Language is seriously a huge chunk of how we think. It defines our entire world.

But it doesn't define everything, and we don't need it. It just helps; a LOT. Like the article ends with, words help us remember things. Like counting out loud. If you lose your place counting, just remember what word you just said and it's not that hard, you have the motor memory of yourself saying that word, and the auditory feedback of what you just sounded like saying it, and that's a huge headstart to remembering.