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She has to be vibrating some laryngeal structure in addition to her vocal cords. BTW the whole time I was playing this, Kimchi my cat was really pissed off because she hates whistling and singing noises. She was biting my hands and arms as if I was the one making this noise.

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This is what I did all day today! I missed making music so much, so making this was fun! I made some music yesterday too, another song that was a gift to someone very close to my heart. <3

Today's song is in Italian! It's called Dolce Follia, by the Spanish group La Oreja De Van Gogh. They are my favorite group in the world. (Sorry, Tokio Hotel! :P)

That's me singing and playing the piano! I used minimal effects -- just some reverb and frequency enhancement on the vocals.

Listen to it here!

The lyrics are so beautiful. She's singing about selling everything she owns -- front row seats to an unforgettable concert, the melody to a song she wrote, the script for a movie she wants to make, a camera full of photos she took of places she's visited, all of her memories, all her stories, everything she has.

She's selling everything to pay off some unnamed life debt so she can see her loved one again, because she can't live "without his/her sun, moon, and sweet insanity." She only sees her loved one in dreams anymore, dreams in which she chases his/her ghost and never catches it. "The memory of your embrace is like the fleeting touch of moonlight on this roof, this roof I want to throw myself off of because I can't live without your sun, your moon, your sweet insanity." The song ends about her going on one last chase from which she will never return.

It tells such a beautiful, sad story, and the song is beautiful too!
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Questions taken from this lovely blog. I promise it gets a little more interesting under the cut.

1. Will it be ok?
Hunde, Tokio hotel. So long as there are dogs, it'll be fine.

2. How are you feeling today?
Kampf der liebe, Tokio Hotel. I guess I'm feeling the pain of love, today.

3. How do your friends see you?
Keep tryin', Utada Hikaru. I'm always trying! I don't give up.

4. Will you get married?
Ring Ding Dong, SHINee. Is that an affirmative answer? I'ma ring ding someone's dong.

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