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Comment to this post saying "FIVE!" and I will pick five things I would like you to talk about. They might make sense or be totally random.

Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself, hopefully for the rest of eternity!

Thanks to [ profile] kseenaa and previous lj users for sharing this, and for asking me my five questions! Let's merrily perpetuate this! It's a fun one. :) [ profile] kseenaa asked me about the future, fandoms, books, comics, and music.

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I always noticed this in Screamin' on Humanoid City Live cd/dvd... Right at the transition from "but it hurts so/yeah it hurts so" to "top of the world/top of the world," there's a lag. Today on my drive home from work I replayed the part several times, listening and discerning for who is responsible for the lag. Just one member? Or the whole band?

Gustav's rhythm does not change in the least, so it's not him. (p.s. Gustav's part the entire song is really amazing, btw) And Georg's bass is solid like normal. Then who?

The twins!

So, the last line of the section Bill sings is "yeah, it hurts so." He sang that part a little delayed. Sometimes he does that to make it emotional sounding. But he may only do that on a word or syllable or two... In contrast, Bill's entire line here is delayed, every word.

Then Gustav's lovely tom-tom boom bada boom part. The moment in the next section where the "top of the world's" begin, Tom comes in a fraction too late! The rest of his notes are perfectly in time though.

So my conclusion is that Bill was late for whatever reason, and Tom was paying attention to Bill and not to the more reliable (sorry, Bill) Gustav and Georg... and so Tom was late too. Both twins being late contributes to the sensation of a short lag. I think their little twin delay is cute!

It happens from 2:42 to 2:48. When you watch the video, it's less noticeable -- but if you close your eyes and just listen, the lag is easily perceptible.

I love how well TH does live! They really do well live, don't get me wrong. Playing live is hard -- trust me, I know. Out of all the HCL cd/dvd, this lag in Screamin' is one of the more obvious mistakes (not counting all of Bill's flat notes). The other one is the last word in "Noise," which is sang too early (again, Bill) but at least it's in tune! :D It sucks when the last note in a song is out of tune. So there's always a silver lining! Bill, it's ok -- have a cookie. I'm not mad at you.
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This made me happy for them and proud to be their fan. I loved the chronological progression of concert footage.

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These songs lift my spirits when I'm down. ^_^

Don't Cry (areia remix) by Park Bom

Love Song by Big Bang

Stupid Liar by Big Bang

Gritar by Leamitie

Geisterfahrer by Tokio Hotel (no youtube vid for this one)

Puedes Contar Conmigo bu La Oreja De Van Gogh

White Love by Seungri (which sounds remarkably similar to Puedes Contar Conmigo so maybe that's why I like it)

Perdoname by La Oreja De Van Gogh

Brand New Reason by Fleet
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I wish I'd been a fan at this time. For a second there, it kinda hit me how many times they've performed Monsoon. Hundreds and hundreds of times at shows and rehearsals. That's a lot of running through the monsoon. I loved Bill's random kick after the second "Hey." ....And then you realize Bill owns that stage, poor raspy voiced singing dude.

Bill on that screen with the coloring effects is so incredibly beautiful. Like at 4:22, wow. Allow me a moment, I'm kinda getting weepy that Bill isn't pretty like this anymore. His features got harder, angular, hairier. LOL I loved energetic boy at 3:13. Whoo!

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If Bill strutted into the room looking like that, I would abandon my entire life for him if he'd ask me to.

Plus the "toyboy" interview, because that popped up in suggestions. Don't you just love how youtube gets you watching more and more videos, without ever stopping? Anyway, Bill looks intrigued and highly entertained at the thought. Wouldn't that be cute? The twins with older women? I think that would be cute. I read somewhere about their horoscopes (as much faith as I put in horoscopes, lol, but the ideas from which are cute to think about) that the twins would do better with older women anyway. Also that they like to be dominated.
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I found out that I am half Swedish a month ago. SO to celebrate I went and looked at TH in Sweden!

My video journey started here, with this. Bill intrigued me here, with the dreads and red vest, and I remembered how funny this interview was (dick piercing jokes, Georg saying "ich bin metal und farben frei," Bill leaning over another band member to show off Gustav's tattoo and claim Gustav copied him...etc. Good times good times)

So then I looked for more of them from this era... )
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Meme was yoinked from everyone. I liked reading your guys' ones! Mine will be boring. I mention getting into grad school multiple times, because that was a huge deal for me.

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WELL LOOKY HERE, it's good ol' TH Kink Meme~ Hello there, I missed you. I really want to participate this time! I don't have any prompts, but I do want to fill some. :D I AM EXCITE, this always leads to great fic!

This is a notice to the New Year's Kink Fest! It's starting it a little early before New Years so people can start using it before the actual holiday! You can post any kinks, any prompts, anything you want as long as it follows the rules! You can post anon, or logged in if you're that shameless! Either way, post your prompts, enjoy your kinks, and let's have a lovely New Year! This post will last through the month of January, so feel free to keep coming back! Happy New Year! :)

Want to spread the word to your friends? You can either reblog the post from here if you're on tumblr, or you can repost this to your own journal on lj using the code below!
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Bill is so beautiful. When the picture got clear of Bill on that motorbike, I screamed, "That's so BEAUTIFUL!" and my brother came to see what was wrong with me. Nothing was wrong with me, only that Bill is so beautiful and inspires energetic reactions in me. ...And I noticed how many weird lip things Bill does. He rolls his lips inside his mouth so much.

Another vid (Shadow) with Bill's face, zoomed in and HD )
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A TH ornament, a funny card, and our colorful, glittery tree.

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In no order, I love Tokio Hotel for:

The members
Their music
Their devotion and work ethic
Their love for the fans
The fandom and all that it entails~
The friends they've enabled me to make
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So we won! I loved the host lady who went "okrrr?"


I had to stop myself. I'm still really really excited. Watch the vid here (skip to minute 58 to get to the twins, but really; that okrr lady was so funny, go watch her too)

Oh, and a TH fan won the super fan award for voting a zillion times, and we all followed him or her on twitter all at once. Their name? Billy Humanoid. :3 LOVE this fandom, love it so much. Okrr? XD
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Following suit with [ profile] mohanrocks and [ profile] steinsgrrl! This was fun! It occupied my evening delightfully. My nose is stuff so I mouth-breathe sometimes. Don't judge me, I'm not a creepy mouth-breather! Promise! And grab some popcorn... I'm kinda insecure about the length. I mean, length is GOOD but sometimes it's too much, you know?

Your name and username
Your age
Your birthday
Where are you from?
How long have you been a fan?
How did you find out about Tokio Hotel?
What is your favourite Tokio Hotel song?
Who is your favourite member of Tokio Hotel?
What is your favourite Tokio Hotel pairing?
Say the following words/names: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Moritz Hagen Listing, Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer, durch den Monsun, in die Nacht, rette mich, reden, lass uns hier raus, spring nicht, zeig mir deine Pflaume, David Jost, Natalie Franz, Geisterfahrer, Magdeburg, Devilish
Sing your favourite Tokio Hotel song ;)

THF Make some noise meme by adesadi
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My drive home today was interesting... My ipod shuffled to some of the sexier songs I have. It didn't shuffle to all of these in a row, but over my whole 45 minute drive home. X)

Juice, which is just a girl orgasming with some slinky lounge music in the background. It's my brother who listens to stuff like this, not me! He's the one who downloaded it...

Hurricanes and Suns. Starting the off the drive home with Bill's sexi hexi low voice is always a great idea.

Sinner, which makes me moan every time I hear it start. Two beats in is all it takes. Unf; and the fact that it's Taeyang's song makes it all the more unf.

With U; the intro of which always makes me bite my lip. Then the song starts, eh, whoop-de-doo. But that intro. . . .

Dr. Feel Good, which makes me want to find a better doctor.

Esperando, which makes me want to dance the tango with someone and whisper dirty things in their ear
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And DANCING IN IT AND PERFORMING "WHERE U AT" :D :D :D :D : D: D:D:D:D:D:D:SD:SD:SD:f SDFaslgkfjaldifgudhsf


The only way my life would be made even more is if GD donned one. IF ALL OF BIG BANG WORE TH SHIRTS AND PERFORMED A TH SONG OMG THE MERE IDEA IS MAKING ME WIBBLY
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O_O He's so tall and thin... Look at his neck!