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As seen on the chibi_bill livejournal community.

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I felt like this needed to be shared.

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I was administering the SCATBI (Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury) to a patient with TBI. I came upon this test item which made me laugh inside!

Tom and Bill, whose wives' names are Fran and Barb (not necessarily in that order), went shopping one day. One man bought a suit; the other bought a sweater. One of the men also bought a shirt. From the clues given, tell me which man bought which clothes. Tell me their wives' names also.

(1) Tom did not buy any pants
(2) Barb's husband bought a suit
(3) The shirt was chosen because it matched the buyer's new sweater.

Answer under the cut! It's not too difficult to figure out.

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It's just so sweet~



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I always noticed this in Screamin' on Humanoid City Live cd/dvd... Right at the transition from "but it hurts so/yeah it hurts so" to "top of the world/top of the world," there's a lag. Today on my drive home from work I replayed the part several times, listening and discerning for who is responsible for the lag. Just one member? Or the whole band?

Gustav's rhythm does not change in the least, so it's not him. (p.s. Gustav's part the entire song is really amazing, btw) And Georg's bass is solid like normal. Then who?

The twins!

So, the last line of the section Bill sings is "yeah, it hurts so." He sang that part a little delayed. Sometimes he does that to make it emotional sounding. But he may only do that on a word or syllable or two... In contrast, Bill's entire line here is delayed, every word.

Then Gustav's lovely tom-tom boom bada boom part. The moment in the next section where the "top of the world's" begin, Tom comes in a fraction too late! The rest of his notes are perfectly in time though.

So my conclusion is that Bill was late for whatever reason, and Tom was paying attention to Bill and not to the more reliable (sorry, Bill) Gustav and Georg... and so Tom was late too. Both twins being late contributes to the sensation of a short lag. I think their little twin delay is cute!

It happens from 2:42 to 2:48. When you watch the video, it's less noticeable -- but if you close your eyes and just listen, the lag is easily perceptible.

I love how well TH does live! They really do well live, don't get me wrong. Playing live is hard -- trust me, I know. Out of all the HCL cd/dvd, this lag in Screamin' is one of the more obvious mistakes (not counting all of Bill's flat notes). The other one is the last word in "Noise," which is sang too early (again, Bill) but at least it's in tune! :D It sucks when the last note in a song is out of tune. So there's always a silver lining! Bill, it's ok -- have a cookie. I'm not mad at you.
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This made me happy for them and proud to be their fan. I loved the chronological progression of concert footage.

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The Formula for Beauty: Found in Bill Kaulitz?

Mellu Ransa, Tokio Hotel Fake News
4-17-2012, Berlin, Germany

Scientists are currently researching an explanation as to the androgynous beauty of young Bill Kaulitz (19) of Germany. His exceeding good looks make the hearts of his hundreds of thousands of fans melt. Analysis of face structure ratios and eye color analysis (pictured) is being attempted, but is not expected to yield conclusive results.

"He's just got this quality about him," says Dr. Doctorman. " all my years as an aesthetic scientist specialist, I've never seen anything like Mr. Kaulitz before. It's difficult to define exactly what it is about his looks that make him so fascinating."

Studies with infants have been conducted, and the results were interesting: when presented with a picture of Kaulitz and a man (whose real identity will not be revealed for confidentiality reasons) named "Ludo," infants overwhelmingly preferred to gaze at the face of Kaulitz than Ludo. This same research design was conducted with a group of Kaulitz' fans, and results were identical.

"People literally cannot tear their eyes away from Kaulitz' glorious visage," continues Dr. Doctorman with an air of awe. "Data suggest that the golden proportions of Kaulitz' face are neurologically programmed and preferred from the moment the viewer first sees Mr. Kaulitz." Dr. Doctorman has tried to develop a formula for beauty from Kaulitz' face, but Kaulitz' face causes the computers to crash and reboot the moment they begin to analyze the data.

Computers are stumped, scientists are in awe, and fans continue to scream. There appears to be no reliable explanation for Kaulitz' intense beauty other than that he is just really beautiful.

And how does Mr. Kaulitz feel about all the attention? Smiling shyly, he divulges, "I am just a normal guy. I wake up and I look in the mirror. I don't say, 'What a good looking face.' I just have a normal relationship with the way I look. I just dress how I feel from one to another day." Bill's twin brother Tom (19) jibes, "Bill and me are twins, but it is obvious who has the better face. And I'm a little better downstairs if you know what I mean. That is what the research should be about."
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For an assignment for school in which we have to analyze a story and its elements, I wrote a little tidbit about Bill and Tom, and analyzed it. More goes into a story episode than you think! You have to have certain story grammar elements for a story to be considered complete, and you have to add even more (we call it "story sparkle") to make your story interesting. There are a set of rules to follow. Children with language impairments who talk so normally you wouldn't suspect a thing struggle greatly with generating stories.

SO on to the juicy stuff. My little story, inspired by a doodle of mine. This story is called, "Bill in a Bucket."

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By two girls who have the mannerisms and sayings down pat. XD

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Thanks, person on the internet who made this. You made me laugh till I cried, you genius, you.
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It was short and sweet. There was a huge crowd and I was viewing it from slightly above at an angle. Most of the crowd was just standing there, but some of them clustered around two musicians. One was Tom playing guitar, and the other was Bill. Those who gathered around were cheering and grabbing business cards from the twins. I wondered if the name on the cards was Tokio Hotel or just Bill&Tom. It was cool to see that the crowd was a mix of men and women (not 100% fangirls!)

The twins were good looking like they have been, with Bill wearing skinny jeans, burnt-orange jacket, his red plaid button up shirt, and a grey beanie. I don't remember what Tom was wearing, but it also reflected his fashion tastes of late (not that silly hip hop gangster stuff he wore before Bill must've raided his closet and set fire to everything). They played a bit of a short song I didn't recognize. Bill yelled something at Tom, and they went back and forth in a playful sounding argument as Tom strummed some chords and the crowd cheered.

That's it. I hope I'm a prophet and that the twins are really pursuing music endeavors soon.
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The Kaulitz twins:
Tom likes driving fast
Bill's been in an accident
They went skydiving
Bill has multiple facial piercings and hand and neck tattoos
Tom has a facial piercing and a hand tattoo, too
Tom hit a girl
Their very career choice isn't guaranteed to be successful
They both smoke
They've both done drugs
We assume Tom has had a lot of sex
We assume they've partied a lot and gotten drunk a lot

I've been thinking about risk-taking versus cautious behavior lately. But then again, there's a lot of ways that the twins are "balanced" people, whatever you can define "normal" and "balanced" as. "Non risk-seeking," maybe.

Just thinking. Don't mind me.
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I remember drawing this! I had trouble with Bill's head. It's Bill wearing his pillowcase with permanent marker stripes drawn on it like poor medea described! :D And his heels (I knew he wore sneakers during that show but his heels are so much better) and those awesome tight white pants.... oh, and Tom. Whazzup, Tom.

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If Bill strutted into the room looking like that, I would abandon my entire life for him if he'd ask me to.

Plus the "toyboy" interview, because that popped up in suggestions. Don't you just love how youtube gets you watching more and more videos, without ever stopping? Anyway, Bill looks intrigued and highly entertained at the thought. Wouldn't that be cute? The twins with older women? I think that would be cute. I read somewhere about their horoscopes (as much faith as I put in horoscopes, lol, but the ideas from which are cute to think about) that the twins would do better with older women anyway. Also that they like to be dominated.
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If you squint, Joon could pass as Tom with short braids. If only Joon's face was a little thinner, then it would look totes like Tom upon a squint. Or if you don't wanna squint, and just enjoy Lee Joon in all his beauty, that works too. Joon! OMG JOON BRB FANGIRLING


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Make da faces here.

Derpy Tom

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YEOP. I must be in a Tom mood or something. Usually it's always Bill who graces my background.

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So we won! I loved the host lady who went "okrrr?"


I had to stop myself. I'm still really really excited. Watch the vid here (skip to minute 58 to get to the twins, but really; that okrr lady was so funny, go watch her too)

Oh, and a TH fan won the super fan award for voting a zillion times, and we all followed him or her on twitter all at once. Their name? Billy Humanoid. :3 LOVE this fandom, love it so much. Okrr? XD