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She has to be vibrating some laryngeal structure in addition to her vocal cords. BTW the whole time I was playing this, Kimchi my cat was really pissed off because she hates whistling and singing noises. She was biting my hands and arms as if I was the one making this noise.

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Alzheimer's self-portraits, drawn by an artist who has Alzheimer's until he eventually forgot to do them. Wow. Click here to see. What a transformation. I wish there was a cure for dementia.

This made me laugh. What men are REALLY saying when catcalling women. LOL! I always ignore them, it's pathetic and inappropriate. Ignoring a behavior results in extinction of that behavior. Hashtag behaviorism.

And this was interesting! A dynamic visually-represented comparison of vocal ranges, highest pitches achieved, and lowest pitches achieved by many well-known vocalists.

I enjoyed this -- 15 things impossible to do gracefully. ^_^
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I'm not much of a movie person, but I am a language person. This is awesome that Roger could use augmentative-alternative communication to talk after cancer caused him to lose his voice. Helping people who've lost their voice -- or any aspect of their speech or communication, for that matter -- is what my career is all about. *happy squee*

I'm so glad he had such a strong voice. My condolences to his family and those who loved him.

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Hi guys! I’ve been really excited over the past few weeks about this project I had to do for a class. The class is about the larynx and voice disorders people can get. You know, like how singers are always losing their voice and canceling shows and stuff. Well, we had to chose a celebrity to do this project on. We had to give background information, make a mock evaluation, and a mock treatment plan. This was to be presented to the class and also had to be in a mock evaluation report.

My first choice for a celeb was Bill Kaulitz, and he’s who I ended up doing the project on!

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You know how sometimes you can unplug your headphone jack slightly and it removes the center, foreground sounds? You know, in a sound field.... the sounds in the center are usually the main vocals and effects. That's the foreground. And the other background effects are quieter and more "on the sides" and not in the center of the sound field? It's almost like those background sounds are "hidden" because they're simply not as prominent as the foreground sounds. There are secrets hiding in the background.

I did this with Tokio Hotel's Humanoid today. I discovered some neat things.

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I've seen Arthur und die Minimoys 1, but not 2. D:

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Following suit with [ profile] mohanrocks and [ profile] steinsgrrl! This was fun! It occupied my evening delightfully. My nose is stuff so I mouth-breathe sometimes. Don't judge me, I'm not a creepy mouth-breather! Promise! And grab some popcorn... I'm kinda insecure about the length. I mean, length is GOOD but sometimes it's too much, you know?

Your name and username
Your age
Your birthday
Where are you from?
How long have you been a fan?
How did you find out about Tokio Hotel?
What is your favourite Tokio Hotel song?
Who is your favourite member of Tokio Hotel?
What is your favourite Tokio Hotel pairing?
Say the following words/names: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Moritz Hagen Listing, Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer, durch den Monsun, in die Nacht, rette mich, reden, lass uns hier raus, spring nicht, zeig mir deine Pflaume, David Jost, Natalie Franz, Geisterfahrer, Magdeburg, Devilish
Sing your favourite Tokio Hotel song ;)

THF Make some noise meme by adesadi
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My drive home today was interesting... My ipod shuffled to some of the sexier songs I have. It didn't shuffle to all of these in a row, but over my whole 45 minute drive home. X)

Juice, which is just a girl orgasming with some slinky lounge music in the background. It's my brother who listens to stuff like this, not me! He's the one who downloaded it...

Hurricanes and Suns. Starting the off the drive home with Bill's sexi hexi low voice is always a great idea.

Sinner, which makes me moan every time I hear it start. Two beats in is all it takes. Unf; and the fact that it's Taeyang's song makes it all the more unf.

With U; the intro of which always makes me bite my lip. Then the song starts, eh, whoop-de-doo. But that intro. . . .

Dr. Feel Good, which makes me want to find a better doctor.

Esperando, which makes me want to dance the tango with someone and whisper dirty things in their ear
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IT WAS AMAZING!!!! The highlights were Cafe and Tonight!

I remember when you walked through that door, sat down in that chair... the times we shared... but you ain't here. Coffee, expresso, double shot... This was THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER They are in top vocal and performance form it's so perfect that it drives me to use multiple repeating letters to describe how perrrrrfffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeect it isssssss!!!!!!!!

Lovely, fan interactive performance by Taeyang. Only Look At Me, Naman Barabwa.

Tonight, such a beautiful night.... Goodnight. This was the glitchy official footage.

Fancam of Tonight, GD-centric; not that anybody's complaining. Look at his energy! His movements are hypnotic.

Daesung wails a powerful ballad called At the Moment. His voice is so full and mature, it's so smooth and utterly amazing.

An interesting and energetic acoustic performance of Lies. I'm so sorry but I love you~

. . . . AAAHHH I LOVE BIG BANG SOOOOO MUCH I'M GONNA EXPLODE WITH LOVE! THE ONLY SONGS MISSING WERE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF LOVE SONG AND STUPID LIAR BUT OH WELL. Really, if those two songs were included, this would be the most perfect Big Bang concert that ever was. Haru Haru too.
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This is Joon's annoyed face.

And here is a clip of "Raise your hands" with TOM singing! You can clearly hear him. And you can hear him sing out of tune! No wonder he never sings. He says his voice is "pure sex" and the fans wouldn't be able to handle it. Oh, I see what you did there, Tom. I see what you did there.
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Here. She's a voice teacher. This is interesting! Her own blog is here, and it's interesting in itself too.
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Hohohohohoffentlich, hoffentlich~ (hopefully)