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You can resuse them, you can drop them and they don't break, they can be weapons, you can clip them onto a bag, you can hold them with a finger or two if your arms are full of other stuff, and they don't leak, and you don't have to use plastic water bottles.


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Probably the most useful appliance I've ever had is an electric kettle. It's so handy that it heats up water so quickly! And there's an endless need for hot water, especially for someone who drinks as much tea as I do. I really value my electric kettle. :)

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I like water. I'm a watery-being. We all are. And we live on a watery blue planet.

Let's talk about water )
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So apparently, there are precious stones in sand. Just goes to show that even the mundane, ordinary, and plentiful -- like sand -- is really quite special once you take the time to learn about it and appreciate it. The most gorgeous pictures are at the link.
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Here at environmental graffiti you can see more pics. That is so stunning! The azure blue water with the walls is incredibly beautiful.
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More here
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This guy takes pictures of them just as they pop and it's really neat looking. Go look.
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One of their best performances ever. It even has an HD option.

MTV EMAs 2007

Acoustic DDM in France

Happy Durch Den Monsun 5th anniversary!

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The ocean water would migrate to the poles, and one huge continent would stretch like a belt all along the equator. The article is here. It's alright, but not the best to me because they seemed to say the same thing a few times.

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Oh god the hotness it's too much!
The song isn't much but the dancing and Rain are... wow.
And the ending... I was expecting something like that.
Something... like that...
*discretely wipes drool*

Official Rainism music vid
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You just can't get more epic than this! This looked like an awesome concert.

Vid of Pain of Love

Vid of Tom and water bottles. This is more interesting than it sounds.

And someone took professional pictures (wow)
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Image overload. So many are so so pretty. There's ones of nature, ocean, sky, explosions of color, storms of color, hypnotizing fractals, air, the awesome face, convolutions of color, and angels.

It's a lot. It's a feast for the eyes. Many many more here.
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