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I was looking through my notes for this one apparently terribly boring class I had in 2010. I hate that I don't remember anything from the class, yet had the time to write "VOMIT" in all caps, draw people vomiting, draw the twins, swans, elephants, mice, frogs, stars, spirals, write little notes like "Ahh I wish this class would end omg only 30 mins left I'm gonna dieee," and write "Bill Kaulitz" in cursive over and over and over.

I also found this charming poem I wrote, because I had time to devise poems but not to remember anything from the lectures 3 years later.


Metal walls guarding one's possessions
Slots in the door. Why?
Airholes for trapped children
Bullied and enjailed in those 4 metal walls
Rows of steel jails lining school halls
Stifled cries echoing deafeningly from within
Ear-splitting bangs
Morse code for S.O.S

WTF, me?

The original title for this post was "Weird poems and inattention leading to poor information encoding and recall."
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This was funny! I filmed what happened to me today with Microsoft Word. Moral of the story: Microsoft Word isn't always trustworthy.

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Really odd! Especially the titty fruit, the platycerium, and the rainbow eucalyptus. Machen sie das Click hierein

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Today was a fun day. I discovered Taeyang has a personal youtube account. He uploaded a Beyonce cover that's quite nice, but what made me laugh so hard was his username: THETEYDADDY. Appropriate graphic is appropriate, and not mine. X)

.......He's gonna be singing "I Need A Girl" for the rest of his life. So, I clicked from Taeyang's channel to this very bizarre, amazing video.... And my life changed forever.

Taeyang doesn't need a girl--he just needs ice cream! )
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Like, literally.

TK like Goofy 2
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Yeah, so like under my desk I have this banana. He just chillin.

*slides banana up*

Is that weird?

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Wow. These are pretty awful.
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This is some seriously cool stuff. One is just a exaggerated skeletal frame suspended over a body, and another where it's prisms crowding over each other like an angular mob. There's another that looks really futuristic in shape, but natural and earthy because it's made of bamboo or some other natural fiber. There's another that makes the model look like a moth, framing thin plastic strips (like what comes out of a tape cassette) into wings, and a mask made of black feathers that have little antennae.

So basically, visual candy. These are really intricate; pieces of art.

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Thank you, Tom Kaulitz. XD

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This is WEIRD.

There was a baby born with big muscles! They're studying him in hopes of finding some ways to help muscular distrophy.

There are blind people who use echolocation! That's neat.

There's a guy who can eat metal, and digest it and everything!

There's another guy who is above pain.


And then an AS savant, who knows five languages and learned Icelandic in one week. Wow!
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Be positive, always. I can't believe you can't ever say anything bad about any customer. Ever. Wow. Not even an asshole customer. That would be a challenge. I know-- one time I tried not to complain for 21 days and it was HARD.
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The dot on an "i" is called a tittle.
The white curve at the end of the fingernail (emphasized by a french manicure) is called a lunule.
Man boobs are called gynecomastia.
A useless feature on a thing is called a skeuomorph.
Paresthesia is pins and needles feeling.
Those spots of colors you see when you rub your eyes are called phosphenes.
An armscye is an armhole in a shirt.
A stomach rumble is called a wamble.
A peen is the side opposite the striking side of a hammer.
Rectal tenesmus is the feeling of incomplete defecation.
Misheard lyrics are caled mondegreen.
Petrichor is the smell of freshly fallen rain.
A purlicue is the space between the index finger and thumb.

Info from here. There's a few more at the link.
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A lot can be said for their funny misspellings and poor editing. They're having a field day with Anthony Weiner's nude pics and his unfortunate surname.

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This is just too bizarre to not chronicle. Vid under cut. They actually made him sing with it in!


Read more... )
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LOLZ ETERNAL LOLZ I never thought I'd see the day when THIS happened.


And you can't appreciate akb48 without this. Because nothing complements weird stuff like more weird stuff.