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I love the internet!

What would it be like if your boss was a cat? The Adventures of Business Cat

Dog gets cracker stuck on nose, gets confused.

32 service workers who hilariously are not even pretending to try and care anymore. XD

Watch in amazement as somehow, a group of researchers is able to capture and extract sound from a video with the sound turned off, by minutely analyzing tiny waves and oscilations in the video pixels. It's crazy.

And last, brushing up on yoga-related vocabulary in Spanish. Vamos a sentarnos... con los ojos cerrados, respiren profundamente y lentamente, enfocando, visualizando las olas del mar.
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These stories gave me a laugh!

Click here to read stories about the dumbest patients ever!

This link is hilarious, it's a teenaged boy from New Zealand who remakes photos of female celebrities. It really can't be explained with words, let his pictures do the talking.

Awesome cat gif

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This is very pertinent to my new job! One big part of it is that I evaluate patient's swallowing and feeding ability. XD I don't work in an acute unit though... thank goodness! The Sputum patate mold thing sounds a bit too gross for me, and I have to admit I do a great job handling gross stuff.

You might be a dysphagia therapist if...

Dysphagia is the medical term for "problems swallowing/feeding" btw.

And P.S. -- my "cornbread" is scrambled eggs. I view all scrambled eggs on a patient's food tray with much distrust and suspicion. Sure, it's "dental soft" but it's to gummy and chewy and crusty and soft that I basically think it's "advanced consistency." Grrrr!
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I have a new job! Today was the end of my first week there all on my own. I started last week-- last Monday-- but that was training. I just followed around the current speech-language pathologist (SLP) there and kinda learned the ropes.

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Sadly, I must say this is probably the last entry of these... I don't work at the primary school anymore, where I was exposed to the silly things that 5-8 year old say on a daily basis. Do enjoy the silly things the kids said during my last couple of months at the school. :)


Me: *during imaginative play with blocks* Why is their crabby patty bigger than their house?
Child 1: Because they put ketchup on it


Child 2: "Hair" starts with "s," right?

Me: What's something beautiful?
Child 2: You.

Child 3: Do you have parents?
Me: Yes. Do you?
Child 3: Sure.

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Beginnings: Moving back to my hometown area. Being around my family more. Getting a job (hopefully) at a local hospital. Growing and blossoming into my career. Learning leadership skills at my potential new job. Moving on from my relationship. Training my dog. Finding a new apartment. Making new friends with the new staff at the potential new job. Enjoying the woods and trails by where my mom lives. Saving up because I have no savings because I paid off my student loans already (woot). Meeting new guys and playing the flirting game. Getting used to living alone. Reading the "Southern Reach" series by James Vandermeer. Trying to balance and maintain the amazing relationship I've built with my ex-boyfriend's family with not making things awkward.

Endings: Working at the primary school. Saying goodbye to the kids there, and the staff. Saying goodbye to the awesome friends I made at the gym. Saying goodbye to my work friends. Ending the relationship with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years (it was a mutual thing, we're ending on good terms and with good feelings yay). Living in that town of high crime and wedging chairs under the doorknobs each night. Getting coughed on by little kids who don't remember to cover their mouths.
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I love reading these stories because it gives me some insight as to what it's like to be living with a disability or disorder, and what it's like for the family too. I want to learn and know all I can because it's my job to work with people and families to improve the areas that are challenging for them. The therapists and care team can never ever forget the powerful emotional impact of disability to individuals and families, and these books provide a lot of insight and information. :)

The following is a list of books I have read so far or am going to read soon. They're in no special order.

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Child 1: I'm fat. Oink oink.

(I say child is silly.) I'm not silly, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is maybe sick) I'm not sick, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is late) I'm not late, I'm (Says her name. You get the idea…)

Child 2: Turkeys can mess me up really bad. I have to stay away. They say gobble gobble and make me wanna dance too much.

(After winning a game of go fish) I'm a little bit better than you.

(Child is walking with his eyes closed and seems to be praying. I ask what he's praying about.) Dale Earnhart. He did in 2001. (He's a Nascar race car driver if you didn't know)

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