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I have a new job! Today was the end of my first week there all on my own. I started last week-- last Monday-- but that was training. I just followed around the current speech-language pathologist (SLP) there and kinda learned the ropes.

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PRIDEFEST!!! I'm gonna try to make it to the local Pridefest and Pride parade in the nearest metro area near me. :)

Additional links and stuff...

Reasons why cartoons from the 90's were pretty messed up. I watched these shows and I KNEW Ren and Stimpy was pretty dang weird and disgusting at times. I also thought Rugrats was weird because they were babies off having unsupervised adventures.

This is a song by my friend and her duo group. It's called The Lion and the Lamb. Despite the biblical sounding words, it's not religious. If anything, it's a metaphor for, "Then we'll achieve peace." It's a good listen if I do say so! But she is a good friend of mine so I'm a bit biased. ;)

This post compiling the Realest things posted on Tumblr about being a woman is a pretty awesome and powerful read.

Lastly, this song is ridiculous. My family and I were eating in a pretty quiet restaurant and this song came on. We kept cracking up. When the singer started saying, "Nya nya nya nya nya," I lost it and giggled uncontrollably. My mom lasted a little longer, until the singer said, "Sucker." Then my mom busted out laughing and couldn't stop. Then, it stops....and then keeps going!!! IT JUST KEEPS GOING. Even the "nya nya's" get a reprise.

What a song. What a song.

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Beginnings: Moving back to my hometown area. Being around my family more. Getting a job (hopefully) at a local hospital. Growing and blossoming into my career. Learning leadership skills at my potential new job. Moving on from my relationship. Training my dog. Finding a new apartment. Making new friends with the new staff at the potential new job. Enjoying the woods and trails by where my mom lives. Saving up because I have no savings because I paid off my student loans already (woot). Meeting new guys and playing the flirting game. Getting used to living alone. Reading the "Southern Reach" series by James Vandermeer. Trying to balance and maintain the amazing relationship I've built with my ex-boyfriend's family with not making things awkward.

Endings: Working at the primary school. Saying goodbye to the kids there, and the staff. Saying goodbye to the awesome friends I made at the gym. Saying goodbye to my work friends. Ending the relationship with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years (it was a mutual thing, we're ending on good terms and with good feelings yay). Living in that town of high crime and wedging chairs under the doorknobs each night. Getting coughed on by little kids who don't remember to cover their mouths.
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Child 1: I'm fat. Oink oink.

(I say child is silly.) I'm not silly, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is maybe sick) I'm not sick, I'm (Says her name)
(I say child is late) I'm not late, I'm (Says her name. You get the idea…)

Child 2: Turkeys can mess me up really bad. I have to stay away. They say gobble gobble and make me wanna dance too much.

(After winning a game of go fish) I'm a little bit better than you.

(Child is walking with his eyes closed and seems to be praying. I ask what he's praying about.) Dale Earnhart. He did in 2001. (He's a Nascar race car driver if you didn't know)

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