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This was a cool thing to read when I try to imagine what it's like for the Kaulitz twins living in the United States. This covers a lot, from the media, politics, religion, society, culture, money, attitudes, technology, age, sex and gender roles, jobs, socioeconomic status, and all the things we live every single day but aren't aware of.

I was impressed by how much training it takes in Germany to become a schoolteacher. I was surprised to hear of the racism there, though; I thought the United States was bad. There is more jelly in American jelly donuts, but here, waiters and waitresses are annoying. There is more environmentalism in Germany, but no "give a penny, take a penny" cups at the store.

It's really interesting! Click here to read.
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My first thought was that TH should have filmed a MV for "Strange" there. It would have been so perfect. Really pretty pictures, and more here.

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This is charming in a funny way. I wonder if this is what Bill thinks about when he calls us Aliens. I hope we don't have to rip our clothes and dance with snakes. Btw. That poor snake must be like, "wtf." And then it just keeps going, and going and going.

"I am am the moon lady there is just one of me the other ones living here are just neut i don't even have a friend here to gossip about film and fashion there is no movie theater and no tv no rocknroll and no jazz i can't even go to the hairdresser all i can say is: Bonjour Tristesse... i am so bored, terribly bored i want some action so i will find myself a man i want some action so i will find myself a man on the earth launch...rons the man in the moon that's my father my house is crater run-of-the-mill behind the moon. i am so bored i am so bored there is nothing going on here not even a proper man for me I am so bored i am so bored" XD
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This list is fun! I wonder if any of these apply to the twins. Some ways include taking all the lounge chairs by the pool and saying you don't like asparagus. I wonder if this list is accurate! 19leela89, let me know!

Here is the list.
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*_* Wow it's so beautiful and expressive! So much character! My own town is so plain in comparison.
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Only a internet savvy, meme-familiar Tokio Hotel fan can understand this particular language. I understood every word. -_-; I'm slightly ashamed. Taken from here.

hallo ich bin Towi Cowtits und ich liebe Jeska Elba so viel ich hab sexi hexi forehead ich lyke to herp derp mit orgasmic face humping mein geetar und ich hab sex mit gurls in ovah 25 cities zo much ich need a suitcase of condoms ;-)

ich just lyke big clotheses zat don't are lyke ma leetle bro Biu Cowtits meine zwillige who paint his face und vears size zero clotheses zat don't are ick lyke to call Hagen a duhrty hobbie he iz zo smelly und does beeg businez on zee toilet 24/7 if I was gurl fur one tag ich vant to b maiself 2 check maiself out und see how sexi hexi I are in dee showerr nekkid

ok zats all und p.s. ich bin supaman und ich bin beeyutiful anyweh ich kann do everything ich bin gott everybunny thx me zee whole tag ich bin zo gr3@t so viele ich liebe skittles
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HAZ CLIK AQUI, es muy interestante y con aleman!
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And what are these, eh? Rejected lyrics? They don't flow very well, so I can see why. I do like the intimacy of this version though. Every time Bill says, "Many things in life are automatic, but love and relationships should never be automatic," the song in English doesn't reflect that theme. But these reject lyrics do!

Click to read the secret lyrics! )
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All this I already knew ;-)

Breathlessly, the little boy with the Little-Vampire-hairstyle and black eyeliner around his eyes, sang the Weather Girls song "It's raining men" and was fidgeting frenziedly with his arms. Afterwards he had to listen to amusements about his flamboyant outfit. He was doing it politely and charming and turned towards the jury with a gorgeous smile.

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"Ich bin Bill Kaulitz."

Bill moaning. Replayed!

Dude, you sing?

Bill, I am your father...

"Recently, in Cooper's Bar..."
Alien: Alice, you look like Bill Kaulitz
Alice Cooper: I know... *vader breathing* I am his father.
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Ay, no hay palabras que expresar todo el amor que tengo para ellos!!! Espero que pudiera vistarlos en vivo.

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Bill Kaulitz

The origin of the Tokio Hotel frontman’s surname is not completely clear. It might come from the name of a Slavic town, originally perhaps Kovalovica or Kovalici. These names contain the Slavic word koval (blacksmith), well known from the Polish surname Kowalski, one of the most common Polish family names. However, if the family comes from the former East Prussia, which I don’t know, it will be based on a Baltic name – the Lithuanian káulas (meaning bone, leg, stone, the stone in stone fruit) – with an added Slavic suffix -itz.

He was included in a article listing "prominent" German names... (heart swells with pride)

Now let's enjoy this .gif of our favorite German

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Man, Bill talks fast.

Translation here )
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Vid of them WINNING! Whoo-hoo!

Vid of them presenting

Text of them presenting:

Moderator: “Here is the german band which has the most Comet Awards: Here are Tokio Hotel!”
Bill: “Nice good evening! Tom and me are here today to present the only Comet which is as an exception not voted by the audience, but by the musicians themselves. This time it’s a very special prize. And to be honest, in Germany there aren’t that much people who come into question, but the guy who will get this award now, has made in any case very good music in the last years and did a great job. And we’re really happy about that he’s the winner.”
Tom: “Yeah, absolutely. The winner is – as we said, we personally are really happy about it – Jan Delay!”

For the record, I despise imagebam, but I LOVE Bill's neck.